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Championat De France Skateboard are the French skateboard championships.

Also known as: French Skateboard Championships

French Championships 2019 Results and Footage
Results and footage from the French street skateboard championships at Skatepark Biarritz.


Men Under 16:

1. Antoine Laurent
2. Aaron Des Bouillons Penna
3. Francisco Ferreira Alves
4. Cleent Jourdan
5. Tanguy Chabrier
6. Shad Jacquelin
7. Liam Le Franc
8. Noah Cohen

Men Over 16:

1. Aurelien Giraud
2. Vincent Milou
3. Lawrence Ravail
4. Joseph Garbaccio
5. Adrien Bulard
6. Quenin Chibout
7. Tim Debauche
8. Thomas Belot

Women Under 16:

1. Dune Kerisit
2. Sissy Dregoire-Perron
3. Juliette Meudec
4. Eva Chaumeil

Women Over 16:

1. Charlotte Hym
2. Jeromine Louvet
3. Camille Fleurence
4. Louise Crespin
5. Maeva Lanier
6. Elodie Gilbert
7. Auriane Daries
8. Sandy Afiuni DNS

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French Championships 2019 Street Highlights Footage

French Championships 2019 Street Men Footage [18/6/2019]
Finale Championnat de France de skate 2019 - FINALE +16


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2019: French Bowl Championships: Show Picture
French bowl champions Vincent Matheron and Shani Bru. Photo by Commission Skateboard.

2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture

2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
French Skateboard Championships Play Offs Poster.

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