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Copenhagen Open is an annual skateboard contest in Denmark.

Also known as: CPH Open

Copenhagen Open 2019 Day 1 Footage
So the first day of the CPH Open in Copenhagen Denmark was filled with a Best Foot Forward contest, a Ring of Fire and of course a whole lot of Tubord Pilsner. Woody Hoogendijk hates missing partys so he will be in Denmark all week to take you with him.


Riders; Zion Wright, Luan Oliveira, Ishod Wair, Gabriel Fortunat, Tobias Bisse Christoffersen , Mads Christensen, Alex Midler, Jared Cleland. Host: Woody Hoogendijk. Film & edit Tim Koster.

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CPH Open 2019 Footage [18/6/2019]
The happiest place on Earth! If you werent there, we hope you had a good excuse, but you were probably suffering from insane FOMO seeing everyones IG posts. Well, Transworlds man in CPH, Marco Savino was on the scene for all the action and just sent over this recap video. Its impossible to capture the pure magic of Copenhagen Open, so all we can recommend is that you make it there at least once in your life! Check this edit for the uber good vibes.

Copenhagen Open 2019 Day 5 Footage [13/6/2019]
Flatspot Magazine survived a whole week of total madness up until the 5th and final day of the Copenhagen open 2019. First spot of the day was a giant sneaker with a ledge on top and a kicker in front of it. Next up they went to the Traingle skatepark for the finals where Woody did some very important interviews.

Copenhagen Open 2019 Day 4 Footage [8/6/2019]
The fourth day of the Copenhagen Open was filled with speed! Flipping into a kiddy slide and then a bus ride 200 kilometres south for a a heavy downhill session and if that wasnt enough a jam session at the local skatepark.


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2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
CPH Open Poster.

2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
CPH Open Poster.

2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
CPH Open Poster

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Radio Fritz footage from CPH Open Skatecontest in Berlin.

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