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Eventually is a skatevideo from Trevern Hatfield.

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Full Video: Eventually
Eventually is a skatevideo by Trevern Hatfield.


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Full Video: Eventually [7/6/2019]
Eventually is a skatevideo by Trevern Hatfield.

Video Part: Tristen Rowean in Eventually [7/6/2019]
After James Gaehners lead off banger, heres the closing part from Trevern Hatfields Eventually, the highly talented Tristen Rowean.

Video Part: James Gaehner in Eventually [3/6/2019]
Our dude from SD is doing it big up in The Bay. Trevern Hatfield has a great new video called Eventually and James Gaehner starts it all off. CNN, Channel Ten! What, what!


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Game Over For X Games Oslo [24/9/2016]
X Games Oslo will not receive funding from Oslo Kommune for next years event, wich means there will not be a skateboarding contest in Oslo in 2017.

History of the Tjme Vert Ramp [26/5/2016]
The vert ramp at Tjme Skatepark has been around. Here is a recap of its history.

Skateboarding and the polyurethane wheel [12/10/2015]
Frank Nasworthy made his mark in the history of skateboarding after he introduced the polyurethane wheel technology in the early 1970s, sparking the second wave of skateboarding.

Old Boys NM 2014 Results and Footage [1/7/2014]
Here are results, footage and a short recap of the Norwegian old boys vert and bowl championships held at Jordal Skatepark in Oslo on Go Skateboarding Day.

Wants 300.000 For New Skatepark At Loesmoen [23/5/2014]
vre Eiker has applied for 300.000 kr for a new skate and bike area by Hokksund Ungdomsskole.

Reinventing the wheel [9/7/2013]
David Patrick discovered a shape that he say is a better shaped wheel for any application, and has funded the project trough Kickstarter.

Swedish Skaters Get More Organised [7/6/2013]
The Swedish Skateboard Association has been elected into the National Sports Confederation.

Nike Chosen Series Ehrwald Results and Footage [12/2/2012]
An extremely cold Ehrwald, sitting on the border of Germany and Austria played host to the 5th Stop on the Nike Chosen Series. Here is footge and results.

Nike Chosen Series UK Results and Footage [25/1/2012]
The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead, UK set the stage for the first tour stop of the Nike Chosen Series and kicked off the European tour with an unprecedented level of indoor riding. Here are results and footage.

Woodward Scandinavia in Evje [16/1/2012]
The deal has been made, a location has been found, and the Scandinavian Camp Woodward could be ready in Evje next year. Here is some information.

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2008: Movies [23/1/2015]

2008: Movies [23/1/2015]