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Sour Files is a skateboarding web series from Sour Skateboars.

Also known as:

The Sour Files Season 2 Episode 1
The Sour Files have returned! After the much lauded success of Sour Solution II, Gustav Tnnesen is editing these weekly episodes to show what went on behind the scenes. Enjoy episode one.


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Sour Files Episode 12 Raw Clips From Barcelona [19/9/2019]
Oscar Candon can do on the banks, Barney of course doing tricks that are really impossible, Albert Nyberg brings his tech wonder, and Josef finds some of Barcys bombable hills.

Sour Files Season 2 Episode 11 [12/9/2019]
Vincent takes a revert into heavy traffic, EJP flexes his fancy footwork on a rock climbers bank, Barneys blazing all terrains, and Filip Almqvist makes his debut with a hell of a switch back tail!

Sour Files Season 2 Episode 9 [15/8/2019]
The boys get gnarly on some DIY crete, Gustav puts in a bid for the switch backside flip Hall of Fame, broken handrails arent safe from Gus assault either. Elsewhere Nisse, Albert, and Simon get funky on flatbars, Josef gets tech on a Hubba, and Vincent and Nisse battle a tricky balance beam.


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