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Stange Skatepark is an outdoor skatepark in Stange, Norway.

Also known as: Stangebyen Skatepark

News From Stange Skatepark
The snow has been expelled, construction of a bowl starts next month, Mjsskate Stange is being held 5th July, 2019, and Stange Open is being held in August/September.

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Mjsskate is being held 3-6 July, 2019.

Mjsskate 2019

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Mjsskate 2018 Recap Footage [18/6/2019]
Highlights from last years event!

Mjsskate 2019 Program [18/6/2019]
Here is the program for this years Mjsskate.

Support The Stange DIY Bowl [7/6/2019]
Shitfaced DIY crew are raising money for poolblocks on what will be Norways second largest DIY bowl.


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2012: Stange Skatepark
SPARK Open 2012 by Bernhard Fitzinger
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2012: Stange Skatepark
Olav Hellesund Helland Park edit 2012
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2011: Stange Skatepark
Funtage # Stange
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2019: Stange Skatepark: Show Picture
Plans for a new bowl in Stange.

2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Stange Open Poster

2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Stange Open 2017 Poster.

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Mjsskate 2017 Full Schedule [5/6/2017]
Here is the complete program for the Mjsskate 2017 contest series.

Team Update: Kevin Bkkel For Nuts Skatewax [25/4/2015]
Seems Nuts Skatewax welcomed Kevin Bkkel to the family earlier this month. Here is the clip.

Stange Skatepark Expansion [6/2/2013]
Stange Skateboard Klubb has gotten 300.000 to expand the skatepark, and construction starts as soon as the snow is gone.

Stange Skatepark Opening Results and Footage [3/9/2011]
The new concrete skatepark at Stange was opened with a contest back in July. Here are results and footage from the event.

Stange Skatepark Opening [8/7/2011]
The concrete skatepark at Stange is nearly done, and this being opened with a contest this weekend.

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2014: Stange Skatepark [19/10/2014]

2014: Stange Skatepark [19/10/2014]

2014: Stange Skatepark [19/10/2014]

2014: Stange Skatepark [19/10/2014]

2014: Stange Skatepark [19/10/2014]