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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

Norwegian Skateboarding Timeline
This Norwegian Skateboarding Timeline aims to provide an overview of the Norwegian skateboard history.


NOTE: This page is a work in progress!

1976 - 1978

The first skateboarders in Norway started in 1976. [1]

The first skateboards were available for sale in Norway in the summer of 1977. [13]

In 1977 it became known that Statens Forurensnings Tilsyn would propose a ban on skateboarding, resulting in a debate in the media. [6]

1978 - 1989

In 1978 Norway banned the use, ownership and sale of skateboards because of the fear of injuries, based on statistics from USA. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

As a result the skateboarders in Norway got organised, and the Norwegian skateboard association NORB was formed in 1978. [6]

Since the skateboard ban was actively enforced by the police, who would confiscate the skateboards, the skaters had to stay out of sight. Because of this skateparks were usually built in the woods to lower the risk of getting busted. [3][4][5][7]

Equipment was hard to come by, and skateboards and parts were usually smuggled in to the country or home made. [3][4][5][7]

Anders Wittusen started making skateboards, and a couple hundred Utopia boards were sold between 1980 and 1986. [3][4]

In the mid 1980s skateboarding started to become more popular, and the reactions from the authorities also softened. [3][4][10]

Local skateboard organisations were formed as a way to circumvent the ban, since they could apply for an exempt, allowing them to import equipment and skate on approved courses. The first dispensation was given in 1984, and in 1985 four organisations were approved. [7]

  • Frognerrampen in Oslo was built by Oslo Skate Society in the mid 1980s.
  • Skate Corner, that opened in 1987, was a shop in Hamar with membership and an in-store miniramp.
  • Mean Tv was a shop in Oslo with an in-store miniramp, available to members of Skallebank. [8]

    1989 -

    The ban on skateboarding in Norway was lifted on 3. May 1989, and replaced by a skateboard regulation on 9. May 1989. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

    The interest for skateboarding exploded, and equipment was easy to get. [3]

    The first Norwegian skateboard championship was held in Stavanger in 1989. [9]

    The magazine Skateboard was published from 1990 to 1991.

    The magazine Rullebladet was published from 1991 to 1999.

    Fritjof Krogvold shows skateboarding on the television program Tande-P Programmet [14]

    Playboard Magazine was published from 1997 to 2017.

    In 2016 inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympic Games was approved after several attempts. [11]

    The skateboard regulation was lifted on 4. August 2016, to regulate skateboards as any other toy. [7]

    A national skateboard team was announced in 2018. [12]


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