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Converse is an American footwear company.

Also known as:

Tour Footage: Converse Cons Calango
This past September the Cons Team rounded up a crew and set out on an acai fueled journey through Salvador, Goiania, Brasilia and Sao Paulo, enjoy!


Featuring: Aaron Herrington, Raney Beres, Kenny Anderson, Mike Anderson, Brian Delatorre
Milton Martinez, Kau Cossa, Henrique Crobelatti, Felipe Oliveira, Victor Sssekind, Renato Souza, Biano Bianchin.

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Commercial: CONS One Star Pro Alexis Sablone [4/6/2019]
Alexis Sablone cruises around New York City in her all new One Star Pro AS.

Tour Footage: Converse CONS DreamSpell [11/2/2019]
The Converse Cons crew laces up the all new Louie Lopez Pro and heads south of the boarder to Mexico.

Team Update: Converse CONS Welcome Alexis Sablone [21/1/2019]
Converse CONS is proud to announce Alexis Sablone as the latest addition to their skate team.


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2016: Tour Footage
Converse - South AfriCONS
Play This Video

2016: Welcome Videos
Bobby De Keyzer Welcome to Converse Cons
Play This Video

2015: Welcome Videos
Converse Germany welcomes Jonas Hess
Play This Video


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2015: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Converse Tour Poster

2011: Advertisments: Show Picture
Anthony Poppalardo Converse Ad.

2010: Advertisments: Show Picture
Converse has officially announced Angel Ramirez, Eli Reed and Kenny Anderson as the newest pros on the growing Converse skate team.

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Tampa Pro 2019 Converse Concrete Jam Footage [10/3/2019]
If youre not on the look out for flying boards, bodies, and explosives at the Converse Concrete Jam, it might just be your last. BE WARNED.

Tampa Am 2018 Results and Footage [15/11/2018]
Tampa Am 2018 Results and Footage

Full Video: Converse Cons Purple [24/5/2018]
Converse Cons presents their first brand skate film titled Purple! Filmed and edited by Ben Chadourne, Purple showcases the journey of the skate team over the past 18 months of their lives.

Full Video: Converse Cons Purple [7/5/2018]
The full-length project has found its way to the endangered-species list, but this video demonstrates why they are of the utmost importance. This is a masterpiece. Clear your schedule and dive in.

Trey Wood Wins Tampa Pro 2018 Concrete Bowl [7/3/2018]
Monster Energy issued a press release to congratulate team rider Trey Wood for taking first place at the Converse Concrete Jam bowl competition during the 24th Tampa Pro skateboard contest.

Tampa Am 2016 Results and Footage [21/11/2016]
Here are the results and footage from this years Tampa Am contest.

Tampa Am 2016 Converse Concrete Jam Footage [21/11/2016]
The Converse Concrete Jam isnt so much a contest as it is a cage match on wheels. Theres airs, near death experiences, Monster Girls, Black Dave, a hoho plant over the door, and all the free PBR the crowd can drink. All that plus commentary by Frank Gerwer? Forget about it!

Tampa Am 2016 Update [25/10/2016]
Here is the teaser and more information about this years Tampa Am, being held 10-13 November 2016.

Converse Concrete Jam 2016 [25/10/2016]
Ever since Converse helped build the outdoor Concrete Course at SPoT, it has been hosting the Converse Concrete Jam every year for Tampa Am and Pro, and this year is no different.

Empire Games 2016 Drop of Doom Results and Footage [7/9/2016]
The Empire Games is a 2 stop series of unconventional skateboard contest concentrated on thinking outside the box and having fun. The second stop for 2016 was the Drop Of Doom on Aug 27th in Montreal, Quebec.

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2016: Event Flyers [25/10/2016]

2015: Converse DIY Skatepark [3/8/2015]

2015: Converse DIY Skatepark [3/8/2015]

2015: Converse DIY Skatepark [3/8/2015]

2015: Converse DIY Skatepark [3/8/2015]

2015: Converse DIY Skatepark [3/8/2015]

2015: Converse DIY Skatepark [3/8/2015]

2015: Converse DIY Skatepark [3/8/2015]

2015: Converse DIY Skatepark [3/8/2015]

2015: Converse DIY Skatepark [3/8/2015]