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Grant Yansura Transworld Interview
Transworld sat down with Grant Yansura to hear about how WKND got its start. Nowadays its a full-blown brand with art and video projects that employs a close group of friends, a married couple, grade-school friends, and more. Get a tour of the LA office, check out what goes into those brilliant skits, and most importantly, Grants five-year plan.


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Team Update: Karsten Kleppan with WKND [13/7/2019]
Norwegian skateboarder Karsten Kleppan has made the switch from Skate Mental to WKND Skateboards.

Team Update: Alex Schmidt WKND Professional [11/5/2019]
Hes an enigma man... buy Schmidts first Pro board at

Team Update: Caleb and Evan Welcome to WKND [15/2/2019]
WKND Skateboards introducing Caleb Mcneely and Evan Wasser.


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2016: Welcome Videos
Austyn Gillette for WKND
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2016: Welcome Videos
Koston welcome to WKND part
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2016: Welcome Videos
Jordan Taylor for WKND
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2019: Advertisments: Show Picture
Karsten Kleppan WKND

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