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Trikkestallen X-mas Jam contest is an annual skateboard contest in Trondheim, Norway.

Also known as: Trikkestallen Christmas Jam / Trondheim X-Mas Jam / Trondheim Christmas Jam / TSA Xmas Jam

Trikkestallen Xmas Jam 2018 Results
Here are the results from this years Trikkestallen Xmas Jam.


Street Open:

1: Petter Brunvatne (25 000,-)
2: Jonas Carlsson (10 000,-)
3: Simen Hgeland (5 000,-)
4: Jonatan Drab
5: Fredrik Tangerud
6: Ole Johan Edvartsen
7: Dannie Carlsen
8: Sren Noe
9: Elias Nilsen
10: Richard Tury
11: Gard Hvaara
12: Leon Reed Jenssen

Street Junior:

1: Elias Heitmann
2: Mads Joakim Vik
3: Vetle Ballestad
4: Jonas Tom Michalsen
5: August Leo Hgy
6: Elliot Wiker
7: Erik Stornes Kval
8: Sigurd Lvvik
9: Elias Holberg

Street Girls:

1: Tonje Pedersen (3000,-)
2: Ingrid Lonar (1500,-)
3: Henriette Pedersen (500,-)

Bowl Open:

1: Dannie Carlsen (5000,-)
2: Elias Nilsen
3: Markus Aleksander Wulff
4: Sren Noe
5: Joakim Ulseth
6: Simen Hgeland
7: Marius Ripe Lemoen
8: Knud Kleppe
9: Bent Rune Johansen
10: Jan Erik Schopmeier
11: Ingrid Lonar
12: Jens Hovland
13: John-Artan Robertsen
14: Aksel Sundbye

Bowl Junior:

Elias_Heitmann Headshot Photo

1: Elias Heitmann
2: Aksel Srum
3: Sebastian Silva
4: Jonatan Reijners
5: Erik Stornes Kval
6: Petter Mathisen
7: Johannes Wahl
8: Billy Bjrnsson
9: Ivar Moe

Best Trick:

1. Fredrik Tangerud Biggerflip FS Boardslide 270 out

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