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The World Skate World Championships is a skateboard contest arranged by World Skate.

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Park Skateboarding WC 2018 Results and Footage
Park Skateboarding World Championships 2018 Results.

Mens Results

1. Pedro Barros (BRA)
2. Heimana Reynolds (USA)
3. Keegan Palmer (AUS)
4. Jaime Mateu (ESP)
5. Vincent Matheron (FRA)
6. Yuto Horigome (JAP)
7. Murilo Peres (BRA)
8. Ben Hatchell (USA)


68 men from 23 countries battled it out in the most diverse Park Skateboarding World Championship qualifiers ever. The top 26 men from the qualifying round went on to meet the finalists from the Vans Park Series 2018 Finals in Suzhou, China. Jagger Eaton was disqualified for breaking the compulsory helmet wearing rule for athletes under 18.

1. Heimana Reynolds USA
2. Luiz Francisco BRAZIL
3. Vincent Matheron FRANCE
4. Liam Pace USA
5. Jaime Mateu SPAIN
6. Robin Bolian FRANCE
7. Jake Wooten USA
8. Yuto Horigome JAPAN
9. Murilo Peres BRAZIL
10. Kensuke Sasaoka JAPAN
11. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg SWEDEN
12. Pedro Henrique Quintas BRAZIL
13. Tate Carew USA
14. Danny Leon SPAIN
15. Gavin Bottger USA
16. Keegan Palmer AUSTRALIA
17. Andy Anderson CANADA
18. Jakob Robinson AUSTRALIA
19. Tyler Edtmayer GERMANY
20. Kevin Bkkel NORWAY
21. Simon Karlsson SWEDEN
22. Kiko Francisco PHILIPPINES
23. Ben Hatchell USA
24. Rune Glifberg DENMARK
25. Kevin Kowalski USA
26. Italo Penarrubia BRAZIL

Womens Results

1. Sakura Yosozumi (JAP)
2. Kisa Nakamura (JAP)
3. Poppy Starr Olsen (AUS)
4. Jordyn Barratt (USA)
5. Misugu Okamoto (JAP)
6. Bryce Wettstein (USA)
7. Kokona Hiraki (JAP)
8. Isadora Pacheco (BRA)

Qualifiers Results:

35 women from 18 countries entered the qualifier. The top 23 from women from the qualifying round went on to meet the finalists from the Vans Park Series 2018 Finals in Suzhou, China.

1. Bryce Wettstein United States
2. Minna Moniz Stess United States
3. Shanae Collins Australia
4. Misugu Okamoto Japan
5. Isadora Rodrigues Pacheco Brazil
6. Emily Ambile Antunes Brazil
7. Shani Bru France
8. Dora Varella Brazil
9. Kihana Ogawa Japan
10. Hunter Long United States
11. Taniah Meyers Australia
12. Mait Steenhoudt Belgium
13. Xin Zhang China
14. Grace Cochrane Australia
15. Christana Nicole Means Philippines
16. Amar Hadid Australia
17. Camila Da Silva Borges Brazil
18. Mami Tezuka Japan
19. Daniela Terol Spain
20. Valeria Bertaccini Italy
21. Jiayi Lou China
22. Julia Benedetti Spain
23. Leticia Goncalves Brazil
24. Jessica Jansson Sweden
25. Laura Silva Canada
26. Lucrezia Zarattini Italy
27. Duo Zhang China
28. Liliya Sukhankova Russia
29. Yujuan Li China
30. Yue Guo China
31. Safa Merve Nalcaci Turkey
32. Huizhongyu Chen China
33. Valentina Salazar Ospina Colombia
34. Asha Gond India
35. Shu-Hsien Wu Chinese Taipei

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