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Video Part: Evan Smith in Peace
Evan is from another planet, shredding to the beat of his own drum while doing things on the stuntwood that mere mortals can only dream about.


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Video Part: Nyjah Huston in Peace [7/5/2019]
Nyjah Hustons Full Part in Peace: An Element Audiovisual Project.

Full Part: Nassim Guammaz in Peace [15/4/2019]
Nassim Guammaz part in Peace: An Element Audiovisual Project.

Video Part: Mason Silva in Peace [8/11/2018]
PEACE: An Element Audiovisual Project - Full Part feat. Mason Silva


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Sascha Daley: WAR And PEACE [1/4/2019]
Sascha is just downright GNARLY. He takes the hits, gets back up and conquers. Front board ender is from another realm...

RIP Jake Phelps [19/3/2019]
Jake Phelps, the longtime editor of skateboarding magazine Thrasher and a beloved legend in the skating world, has died at age 56.

Brandon Westgate: War and Peace [4/3/2019]
Westgate is one of a kind. Pure POWER, with style and grace to spare. This is 16 minutes you wont forget.

Cookie: WAR and PEACE [27/1/2019]
Chris is incredibly good and his exploration of LAs untapped terrain is refreshing. This dude can skate ANYTHING.

Mason Silva War and Peace [23/12/2018]
Mason is part calculated skate-scientist and part psycho-barbarian! Here are outtakes, battles and unseen footage from one of the gnarliest parts ever. That opening lipslide!

Evan Smiths War and Peace [12/12/2018]
Behind every victory theres a battle story left on the field. Element shines a light on these in its new series titled War and Peace. Evan Smith kicks it off with his tales from the front line; heros never die.

Full Part: Mason Silvas Peace Part [2/11/2018]
This is a certified face-melter from start to finish. Great work, Mason. You absolutely killed it.

Alix Rice Peace Park Skatepark Countdown [3/8/2018]
The countdown has begun, for the opening of the Alix Rice Peace Park.

Amherst Skatepark Grand Opening [17/7/2018]
Alex Rice Peace Park in Amherst NY grand opening is August 4th, 2018.

RIP Mark Hubbard [12/6/2018]
Mark Hubbard, founder of Grindline Skateparks, and one of the fathers of DIY skatepark building, died on June 8 in his home in West Seattle at the age of 47.

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2011: Burton US Open Jam Junior [19/3/2011]

2009: Various [6/12/2009]

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