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Jamie Foy is an American skateboarder.

Also known as: Big Pinch [nickname]

Jamie Foys Setup
There is method to Jamie Foys skateboard setup madness. His ability to lock-in and sit on top of massive rails with easy is astonishing.


Foy keeps it loose with a burly 8.5-inch Deathwish skateboard, 151 Thunder trucks, and size 54-millimeter Spitfire wheels. Get the full scoop behind Foyd skateboard in his Setups video below.

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Full Part: Jamie Foy 306 [4/7/2019]
The Big Pinch has a pro shoe and he kicks off the celebration with two minutes of face-melting footy from the streets of Barcelona. Congrats, Foyska!

Jamie Foy Real Street Raw Clips and B-Sides [3/6/2019]
Jamie Foy raw clips and b-sides from his 2019 X-games Real Street video part.

Alter Episode 2 Jamie Foy [21/3/2019]
In this second episode, Red Bull tell the story of Jamie Foys fantastical freestyle with a standard stair-set and its surreal double life, all set to the voice of 1979 Skater of the Year, Steve Olson. You may just see a set of stairs, but Jamie sees a world of possibility.


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2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
Jamie Foy on Deathwish

Go Fish:

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Episode: Skateline 09-07-2019 [12/7/2019]
Jamie Foy Shoe, Lil Nas X, Evan Smith, Deedz Pro, Sean Malto, David Gravette.

Go Skateboarding Day 2019 Around The World Footage [6/7/2019]
Watch Red Bulls recap of Go Skateboarding Day around the world.

SLS 2019 London Global Qualifiers Interviews [28/5/2019]
SLS London Global Qualifiers, held at Bay66. Rob went around and annoyed old and new faces alike..

X Games Real Street 2019 Results and Footage [7/5/2019]
Watch the full behind-the-scenes segments of X Games Real Street 2019 gold, silver and bronze medalists Chase Webb, Chris Joslin and Jamie Foy, from the ABC broadcast of World of X Games: Real Street 2019.

Five Skaters Drop Five Bangers Each [25/4/2019]
Red Bull asked a crew of Red Bull Skateboardings finest to deliver a handful of their top clips, and this all-terrain team part is required viewing.

This Is Red Bull Skateboarding [16/4/2019]
Red Bull Skateboarding is a bit late to the YouTube game, but the launch of their channel was an awesome excuse to go out and film this edit with the whole Red Bull Skateboarding gang.

Tampa Pro 2019 Independent Best Trick Footage [10/3/2019]
SPoT Life Tampa Pro 2019 Independent Best Trick Footage

Back to SS18 Jamie Foy 4th place Footage [3/2/2019]
Recap to SIMPLE SESSION 18...

Spitfire Wheels 2018 Greatest Hits And Misses [1/1/2019]
2018 was a heavy year for the Spitfire crew. Passing the torch from SOTY to SOTY and burning down every spot from San Francisco to Ecuador.

Thrasher Skater of the Year 2018 Contenders [29/11/2018]
Thrashers hot list of SOTY Contenders for 2018.

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