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OJ Wheels is an American skateboard Company

Also known as:

OJ Wheels NorthWest Connection
Filmed over the last month, the Connection video is a montage of rippage from some of OJ Wheels local dudes up in the NW. This should make you call the homies and go skate.


Featuring; Tony Ellis, Jake Selover, Lorenzo Martinez, Frank Shaw and Preston Harper.

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In The Ditch With Ace Pelka [14/5/2019]
Its usually off the beaten path where youll find the sick sh$t to skate... Ace Pelka seeks out the untouched in this vid and comes back with a banging clip. Curbs, coping, and insane terrain, In the Ditch as it all. Check the clip and then go seek insane terrain!

John Worthingtons Backyard Burn Down [3/5/2019]
Death defying train run-ins, backyard pool NBDs, and axel melting frontside grinds... John Worthingtons Backyard Burn Down packs a serious punch. Watch this a few times then go grind until you hit that axle.

Commercial: Cruisin Oceanside with Bobby Long [22/4/2019]
O-Sides finest, Bobby Long steps out his backdoor and hits some Super Juice hot laps on the streets of Oceanside. Peep this and then get out and roll with your homies.


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2016: Commercials
Shidiots with Jason Jessee and Cranny
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2015: Tour Videos
OJs Apakalolos Now Video
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2015: The OJ Show
The OJ Show: Episode 5
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2016: Advertisments: Show Picture
Sammy Baca OJ Wheels Ad.

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OJ Wheels Burnside Nights [4/1/2017]
Winter time in the Northwest means the sundown comes at 4:30 on the longest nights. This December, the PowerRider Crew took refuge under the lights at Burnside and busted out this ripping edit. D.I.Y or Die fuckers...

Shuriken Shannon on Ipath [19/1/2013]
Ipath has welcomed Shuriken Shannon to the team. Here is the press release.

Australian Open of Surfing 2012 Results and Footag [24/2/2012]
The Australian Open of Surfing was held at Manly Beach this month. Here are results and footage from the surf and skate contests.

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2010: Press Releases [1/9/2010]