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Lacy Baker is an American Professional skateboarder.

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Lacey Baker Hypebae Interview
Lacey Baker on How the 2020 Olympics Could Change Skateboarding.


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Lacey Baker is a firm believer in skateboarding not only for the joy and thrill it brings with each drop in and flip, but also how the sport serves as an ideal tool for creative expression. A hobby that she picked up by chance at the young age of two, skateboarding has been an integral if not definitive part of Bakers life. From learning how to perfect a kickflip in her front yard every single day, to winning the SLS Super Crown World Championship in both 2016 and 2017, Bakers passion for skateboarding has only become stronger throughout her long ride.

Now 26 years old, Lacey Baker has her eyes set on the Olympics. Slated to be held in Tokyo, Japan, the 2020 Summer Olympics will see some of the worlds best skateboarders competing against each other, with the sport being included as an official Olympic sport for the first time ever. While some in the skate community werent particularly enthusiastic about the announcement, Baker considers participating in the games as an opportunity to promote the need for equality.

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Lacey Baker Support Diversity Interview [28/5/2019]
Lacey Baker not only is one of the most progressive and well known female skateboarders but also one of the most influential and respected member of the LGBTQI community.

Lacey Baker Hypebae Interview [27/9/2018]
Lacey Baker on How the 2020 Olympics Could Change Skateboarding.

Lacey Baker World Of X Games Interview [12/7/2018]
Influential skateboarder, cultural ground shaker, and Nike SBs secret weapon: Welcome to the world of Lacey Baker.


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2016: Interviews
The Pro Skater Shredding for Gender Equality
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2016: Hollenbeck Skatepark
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2013: Skateboard Parts
Lacey Bakers Bombshell Full Part
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