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A skatepark is a purpose-built recreational environment for skateboarders.

Also known as: Skate Parks / Skateboard Parks / Skateboardparks

Transworlds Skatepark Bucket List
TWS lists 20 Of The Best Skateparks In The World.


Burnside Skatepark
Washington Street Skatepark
Black Pearl Skatepark
LES Skatepark
Grant Park Skatepark
Skatepark Noord
Venice Beach Skatepark
Rhodes Skatepark
Kona Skatepark
City heights Skatepark
Linda Vista Skatepark
Skatepark of Tampa
Stoner Park Skatepark
Volcom Brothers Skatepark
Sunnyvale Skatepark
Spring Park Houston
Derby Skatepark
Marseille Skatepark
Oslo Skatehall
Lynch Family Skatepark
Poods Skatepark

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Slurpen Skatepark Opening [12/9/2019]
The new skatepark at Lakkegata is being officially opened 12th September 2019.

Kevin Bkkel at Slurpen Skatepark [30/8/2019]
Watch Kevin Bkkel test the new skatepark at Lakkegata in Oslo.

Voluenteer Work at Haugenstua [29/8/2019]
New concrete arrives at Haugenstua today, and they are looking for volunteers to help out.


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2011: Alfredhallen Skatepark
Playboard Lrdag - Jens Lund by William Harket
Play This Video

2011: Alfredhallen Skatepark
Larvik - Bang Bang by William Harket. New short edit with William Harket and Gard Jonsson. Film/Edit William Harket for Kvikklunsj Productions.
Play This Video

2010: Skaters Point Skatepark
Get down with Div Adams getting his shred on
Play This Video


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2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Slurpen skatepark opening poster.

2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Riverside Park Skate Park Opening Poster.

2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Vision Opening Poster

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Rate Skateparks In The Spotguide [27/6/2019]
You can now rate the active skatepark listings.

Skateboard Info Updates [22/6/2019]
The latest version of Skateboard Info Acion for Google Assistant can tell you more about skateboard events and contests.

Video Part: Ban This Skateparks [3/6/2019]
Powell Peralta Presents Ban This Ch. 17 Skateparks.

Skateboard Info: New Action for Google Assistant [24/5/2019]
Skateboard Info is an Action for Google that lets you ask the Google Assistant for information about skateboarding, skateparks, skatespots, events and much more.

Video Part: Bone Brigade Video Show Contests [18/5/2019]
Bones Brigade Video Show Chapter 10 Contests.

First Skatepark Opens In Syria [3/5/2019]
Skate Aid, SOS Childrens Villages of Syria and Wonders around the World has finished a skatepark in Qudsaya, Syria.

Ulefoss Looses Both Skateparks [26/4/2019]
Holla Skatepark has been dismantled following a decision Nome Kommunetstyre made to remove it back in 2017, and now the indoor skatepark has also has to be vacated by 1st June as the building is being sold.

Norwegian Skateboarding Timeline [11/3/2019]
This Norwegian Skateboarding Timeline aims to provide an overview of the Norwegian skateboard history.

Andy Macdonald at Linda Vista Skatepark [20/6/2018]
Andy Macdonald Video Part from Linda Vista Skatepark.

Spotcheck: Teaterplassen May 2018 [19/5/2018]
Teaterplassen got skatestopped a few years ago, right after its renovation, but not everything..

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2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]

2016: Soleklar Skatepark [13/12/2016]