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Shawn Hale Free Lunch Interview
Shawn Hale Free Lunch Interview


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Shawn Hale Free Lunch Interview [20/9/2018]
Shawn Hale Free Lunch Interview

Shawn Hale Thrasher Interview [18/10/2017]
Shawn Hales Tattoo and Pinky Removal Interview.

Trick Tip: BS Bluntslide on Tranny with Shawn Hale [16/9/2012]
Trick-a-Day: How-To Backside Bluntslides on Tranny with Shawn Hale


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2013: Various
Firing Line: Shawn Hale - A quarter-pipe, a hill bomb, and some awesome switch power slides all in one line?
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2012: Trick Tips
How-To Kickflip Backside Disaster with Shawn Hale - Trick-a-Day
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2012: Interviews
Shawn Hale discusses his T.A.P. phase, stashing a ponytail and the Birdmans bank account amidst ditch decimation in this 5 and 5 for Independent Trucks and Strange Notes. Song: "Stay This Way forever (California)" by Palmz
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Video Part: Shawn Hale in Beautiful Mutants [14/4/2019]
Shawn visualizes the skateboarding landscape from an extraordinary perspective thatll change the way you look at spots. This is a beautiful video part.

Tony Hawks Loop Challenge Live [26/8/2018]
Tony Hawks Loop Challenge is being shown live on NextVR.

Tour Footage: Birdhouse Euro Tour 2018 [17/7/2018]
Over the summer, Birdhouse hit the road with the team across Europe, hitting up the UK, France, Netherlands and Germany!

Saturdays Trailer [27/5/2017]
Birdhouses first video in 10 years is coming soon.

Transworld Skatepark Best of 2016 [31/12/2016]
A two-song montage of Transworld Skateboardings favorite tricks from the park.

Tony Hawk Skates South Africa [22/9/2016]
See what happens when Tony Hawk Tweets and half of Johannesburg, South Africa shows up for a toes-to-the-coping demo at the local skatepark.

Birdhouse European Tour 2015 Footage [12/8/2015]
The Birdhouse Skateboards team visited, England, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic. Here is the footage.

Tampa Am 2012 Ride Footage [9/1/2013]
Tampa AM 2012 Finals, Best Trick, Semi-Finals, and Moat Race.

Tampa AM 2012 Friday Qualifiers Footage [9/1/2013]
Tampa AM 2012 Friday Qualifiers Footage.

Tampa Am 2012 Results and Footage [14/12/2012]
Here are the results and footage from Tampa Am. December 07-09, 2012.

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