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Mother is a skateboard video from Quasi Skateboards.

Also known as:

Video Part: Justin Henry in Mother
This is simply a really damn good video part. Skateboarding is a beautiful thing. Great work, Justin and Quasi.


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Video Part: Gilbert Crockett in Mother [7/9/2018]
Crockett is one of skateboardings great treasures. Whether hes spinning some manual magic or jumping on them bars, the style is all his own. This is a great video part.

Video Part: Jake Johnson and Al Davis in Mother [24/8/2018]
No soundtrack, just the sights and sounds of two comrades creating majestic moments on their skateboards.

Video Part: Tyler Bledsoe in Mother [15/8/2018]
Its never about quantity, always about quality. Tyler delivers a short, but super sweet collection of clips.


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A 6 year old kid in West Palm Beach was riding on a skateboard about 5 feet from his parents when an SUV struck and killed him.

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Mother Becomes Quasi [2/8/2015]
Mother Collective has changed its name to Quasi Skateboards.

Chad Bowers Starts Mother Collective [14/4/2015]
Former Alien Workshop team manager Chad Bowers has started a new company with Jake Johnson, Tyler Bledsoe and Gilbert Crockett on the team.

Las Vegas Teen Injured After Skitching [29/1/2015]
A 15 year old teen in Nevada suffered critical injuries after he slammed while skitching on the side of his mothers car.

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2008: GSF Skatepark [2/10/2008]