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Also known as: The 5ifth Floor Video / The 5th Floor

Full Movie: The 5ifth Floor Video
Holy hell! If you need something to get you sparked for the weekend, hit play. This new Pizza flick, all filmed in Paris, is a non-stop assault with the whole team getting some. Slice into it!


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The 5ifth Floor Bonus video #3 Cards 14-19 [20/7/2018]
Only 5 cards but its the longest Bonus video yet. The last couple days in Paris were crammed with never ending dream spots. The famous train stop quarter pipe was surreal. Michaels chain slide. Pop up grates and more. 30 minutes of raw skating in Paris. Finding spots and conquering.

The Fifth Floor | Bonus Video Cards 5-13 [10/7/2018]
This bonus video starts with a long train ride to La Defense where we find an amazing double set with a huge bank going down the side. Perfect for Chase. We made our way to the famous indoor Rick McCrank rail only for Chase to break his board trying to kickflip the first set and get hyped. Not to worry, there was a perfect underground ledge plaza just around the corner. Enjoy another 15 minutes of bonus footage, and raw takes from Pizza Skateboards - The 5ifth Floor.

The Fifth Floor Bonus Video Cards 1-4 [7/7/2018]
See what didnt make the cut in The 5ifth Floor from the first 32 gbs of footage.


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