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Zero Sundays is a web series from Zero Skateboards.

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Zero Sundays Episode 1 Go Skateboarding Day
Welcome to Episode 1 of a new weekly video series by Zero Skateboards called Zero Sundays. In this episode some of the Zero crew skate the flatbars behind the Zero office on Go Skateboarding Day.


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Zero Sundays Episode 6 Oregon Edit [30/7/2018]
In this episode of Zero Sundays, the team cruises around Eugene, OR, and skates the Tactics ramp.

Zero Sundays Episode 5 [27/7/2018]
In this episode of Zero Sundays the team skates some street spots on the way up to LA for an autograph signing and board release event at Active El Segundo where they also session a flat bar in the store.

Zero Sunday Episode 4 at Carlsbad Skatepark [17/7/2018]
This episode of Zero Sundays is the team and employees skating at the old Carlsbad park (CBP).


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