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Jake Johnson is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

Jake Johnson Thrasher Interview
Jake Johnson Thrasher Interview

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Thrasher Magazine - Jake Johnson Purple Interview

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Jake Johnson Thrasher Interview [11/6/2018]
Jake Johnson Thrasher Interview

Video Part: Jake Johnson in Purple [7/6/2018]
Every Jake Johnson clip is solid gold, so consider this part a billion dollar treasure. Theres only one JJ.

Team Update: Dickies [12/12/2015]
Dickies has welcomed Jake Johnson, Auby Taylor and Jake Hayes to the team.


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2015: Commercials
Krooked guest rider Jake Johnson from Krooked Korea. Limited Edition hand numbered guest decks, only 499 made, available now.
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2010: Various
Exclusive Jake Johnson Footage ! DestructoTrucks 2010
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2015: Various: Show Picture
Dickies welcomes new team riders Jake Johnson, Auby Taylor and Jake Hayes via Instagram.

2010: Advertisments: Show Picture
Destructo welcomes Jake Johnson.

2009: Advertisments: Show Picture
Jake Johnson welcome to IVSK8.

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Video Part: Jake Johnson and Al Davis in Mother [24/8/2018]
No soundtrack, just the sights and sounds of two comrades creating majestic moments on their skateboards.

Thrasher Skater of the Year 2016 Contenders [28/11/2016]
Thrasher Magazine has released the list of contenders for Skater of the Year 2016.

South AfriCONS 2016 Tour Footage [23/9/2016]
Converse Cons explored the wilds of South Africa in the latest Skateboard Mag issue, and the footage they brought back is exotic to say the least.

Cons One Star Asia Tour 2015 Footage [30/11/2015]
Jenkem Magazine joined the Cons One Star tour through Asia to document the fun.

Krookeds Selfie Sticks and Korean Tricks 2015 Tour [27/2/2015]
The Krooked team went to Korea to skate some never before seen spots. Here is the video.

Thrasher King of the Road 2012 Footage and Results [21/2/2013]
Here are the results and footage from Thrashers King of the Road contest.

Tour Footage: Bones Bearings Florida Trip 2012 [8/1/2013]
The Bones Bearings team went on a trip to Florida last year. Here is some footage.

Team Update: Destructo Trucks [4/10/2010]
Destructo has welcomed French Antiz riders; Julien Bachelier, Sam Partaix and Hugo Liard to the team. Here is some information.

Javier Mendizabal with Destructo [25/8/2010]
Destructo Trucks has welcomed Javier Mendizabal from Spain to their growing international team. Here is some information.

Maloof Money Cup New York Am Riders [19/5/2010]
The Maloof Money Cup Ams lineup for the 2010 World Industries Amateur Street Contest has been announced. Here is some infomation.

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