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First Love is a skateboard video by Transworld.

Also known as: Transworld First Love / TWS First Love

Video Part: Leo Romero in First Love
Leo Romero First Love Part.


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Video Part: Leo Romero in First Love [7/6/2018]
Leo Romero First Love Part.


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The Video Show Leo Romero First Love Episode [1/10/2018]
In Episode 3 of The Video Show Transworld have Leo Romero sit down with TWS Editor-In-Chief, Jaime Owens and re-watch his part from our 17th full-length video, First Love [2005]. Get some backstories from this classic Leo video part and hold tight until the end to revisit the full part without any commentary. Check back next Thursday for a new episode!

Jeff Grossos Love Notes Episode 2 [30/7/2016]
In the second installment of Love Notes, Gonz reveals who his least favorite skate video maker is, Peter Hewitt talks about his favorite skate videos and Arto sends some love to Finlands Top Doggie Lightman.

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