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Far n High is an annual European skateboard contest.

Also known as:

Far n High 2018 Flatspot Footage
Far n High 2018 qualification and Best Trick video.


Sewa Kroetkov, Adrien Bulard, Maxim Kruglov..

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Far n High 2018 Richard Tury Footage [5/6/2018]
Richard Tury from Slovakia did a flawless run flipping in to almost every trick, a secured first place for this years Far N High contest. Watch the whole run here.

Far n High 2018 Qualifiers and Best Trick Footage [4/6/2018]
Two days of Qualifiers at Far N High 2018 saw some amazing tricks from an international squad of skaters. Plus sprinkle in a high flip contest and a Ledge + Rail best trick. A lot of heavy tricks went down, the level of skating goes up every year.

Far n High 2018 Ride Day 1 Footage [4/6/2018]
First day in France for Far N High 2018 was a welcome session for all the skaters at the infamous vry plaza and then head back to the mini ramp for a Flatspot Mag Best Trick for Beers contest.


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2016: Far n High
Far N High 2016 - Men and Womens Finals
Play This Video

2016: Far n High
Vincent Milous Winning Run - Far N High 2016
Play This Video

2016: Far n High
Far N High 2016 Day 2 - Qualifiers & Rail Best Trick
Play This Video


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2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture
live poster

2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture

2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
Far n High Posters Ad

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Best international Young bloods can try to catch the golden ticket for the Far n High semi-finals at The Checklist 28th January 2017.

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2017: Advertisments [23/5/2017]

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