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The Vans Pool Party is an annual skateboard contest.

Also known as: Pro Tec Pool Party / Pro-Tec Pool Party / Vans Pro Tec Pool Party / Vans Combi Pool Party

Vans Pool Party 2018 Results and Footage
Results and Footage from Vans Pool Party 2018.



1 - Tom Schaar
2 - Cory Juneau
3 - Chris Russel
4 - Tristan Rennie
5 - Jimmy Wilkins
6 - Kiko Francisco
7 - Josh Rodriguez
8 - Clay Krenier
9 - Keegan Palmer
10 - Moto Shibata
11 - Collin Graham
12 - Austin Poynter
13 - Jeromy Green
14 - Bucky Lasek
15 - Josh Dirksen
16 - Charlie Martin
17 - Alex Perelson
18 - Steven Pineiro
19 - Josh Stafford
20 - Ausgusto Akio
21 - Liam Pace
22 - Asher Bradshaw
23 - Iago Magalhaes
24 - Evan Doherty
25 - Shea Donavan
26 Matt Wilcox
27 Daniel Cuervo
28 Joshua Borden
29 CJ Collins
30 Hericles F
31 Zach Miller
32 Mikee Zion OFriel
33 Brad McClain
34 Luiz Francisco Nunes Mariano
35 Julian Torres
36 Casey Tratz
37 Demarcus James
38 Derek Scott
39 Ben Johnson
40 Dalton Dern
41 Will Cortez
42 Sky Siljeg


1 - Sandro Dias
2 - Andy Macdonald
3 - Chad Shetler
4 - Mitch Mendez
5 - Lincoln Ueda
6 - Darren Navarette
7 - $500 Brian Patch 46 Laguna Niguel, CA Etines, Bones
8 - $500 Steve Revord 45 San Diego, CA Slappys Garage Skate Shop, Bones, 187 Pads, Randoms, Hodads OB
9 - $500 Bennett Harada 43 Montebello, CA Santa Monica Airlines, Nike SB, Ace Trucks, Hosoi Wheels, Rip City Skates
10 - $500 Kris Reeves 40 Huntington Beach, CA Attic Skateshop, Type S Wheels, 187 Killer Pads, Ollo Clip, Ello Gum, Theeve Trucks
11 Andre Cywinski 40 Costa Mesa, CA Familia Brasil
12 Darin Jenkins 45 San Diego, CA Gravity Skateboards, Autobahn Wheels, Tracker Trucks, Vans
13 Renato Vasconcelos " Termite 46 Costa Mesa, CA/Brazil
14 Matt Dove 44 Berlin, Maryland Green Issue Sketeton Key mfg
15 Garret Shigenaka 48 Garden Grove, CA Hosoi Skateboards, Skeleton Key
16 Ramon Thackwell 41 Herne Bay, Auckland, NZ 2nd place Bowlzilla Wellington, NZ 2018, 3rd Bowlzilla Gold Coast, Australia 2018
17 Rodney Mead 49 Saint Cloud, Florida Embassy skateboards, vibronic Wheels, 187 Killer pads, bulletproof Kevlar laces, Kung Fu grip tape, Galactic G Skateshop in Orlando.
18 Jeff Hedges 51 San Francisco, CA Old Bones Therapy ,Troy Sliter ( for making me come to this event) , M family
19 David Davenport 47 Riverside, CA
20 Dan Brown 56 Delray Beach, FL Lake Skateboards
21 Mike Barnes 51 Santa Ana, CA SoCal Skateshop
22 Richard Sanchez 47 Los Angeles, CA Sacrifice Skateboards, INVDR Soft Goods,Muttz Leather
23 Jed Fuller 45 Salt Lake City, UT Embassy Skateboards, Vans, roadkill hardware, bones wheels and bearings, Wicked Audio, Geertsen clothing, milo sport, Cassette Optics, Merge 4 Socks
24 Dave Reul 50 Oceanside, CA Embassey Skateboards, Indy, Bones Wheels, Skatanic Rednecks
25 Mike Rogers 52 Cocoa Beach, FL, Bones wheels, Independent Trucks, DC Shoes, GoPro,, MODE freestyle boards, Bern Helmets, 187 Pads, Randoms Hardware, Stance socks, Oakley
24 Pat Black 53 Point Arena, CA Embassy Skateboards, Ace Trucks, Bones, Old Bones Therapy, Mafia, Jaks Team, N - Men
25 Greg Beans 47 Santa Ana, CA Dustys Nuts, Team rider for Kaution: Sk8 Kings, Axe Army
26 Nicholas Couscouris 46 Hollywood, CA


1 - Chris Miller
2 - Eric Nash
3 - Steve Caballero
4 - Lance Mountain
5 - Nicky Guerrero
6 - Mike McGill
7 - Pat Ngoho
8 - Tony Magnusson
9 - Christian Hosoi
10 - Steve Alba
11 - Lester Kasai
12 - Eddie El Gato Elguera
13 - Steve Steadham
14 - Hans Jacobsson
15 - Eddie Reategui
16 - Ben Schroeder
17 - Lonny Hiramoto
18 - Mickey Alba

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The 15th annual Vans Pool Party Legends was one for the history books. Check out all the highlights to see Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Nicky Guerrero and Mike McGill as they duke it out for first place in one of the closest shoot outs weve ever experienced at VPP.

Vans Pool Party 2019 Pro Highlights Footage [19/5/2019]
It came as no surprise that Tom Schaar won the 2019 Vans Pool Party Pro contest for the third year straight but it was no walk in the park. Tristan Rennie, 2nd, and Moto Shibata, 3rd, showed up swinging to give a run for his money. Bucky Lasek, 4th, showed strong, fast runs throughout the finals and narrowly missed the podium. Watch the highlights for all the action.

Vans Pool Party 2019 Footage #2 [14/5/2019]
This was the 15th and final Vans Pool Party at the Combi Bowl in Orange, CA, and it was fired the F UP! From the Legends to the Masters to the Pros, everybody put it on the line for this one. May the fourth be with you all.


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Vans newest family member and last years champion, Tom Schaar, dominated the Pros division from the very first heat, easing into his third Pool Party title.

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