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Vert Attack is an annual skateboard contest held in Malmo, Sweden.

Also known as: European mid-vert championship

Vert Attack 2018 Results and Footage
Results and footage from the twelvth annual Vert Attack in Sweden.


Ripper Award:

1. Lilly Stoephasius GER

Favorite Guest:

1. Wolfgang Toth GER

Best Improvement:

1. Noah Albrektsson SWE


1. Luigi Cini BRA
2. Toby Ryan USA
3. Kevin Botker USA
4. Guilherme Khury BRA
5. Roman Pabich USA
6. Noah Albrektsson SWE
7. Alex Griffiths UK


1. Hans "Puttis" Jacobsson SWE
2. Paul "Jim The Skin" Atkins UK
3. Tony Jansson SWE
4. Gerd Reiger GER
5. Patric Backlund SWE
5. Fredreik Attebrant SWE


1. Andy MacDonald USA
2. Neal Hendrix USA
3. Jocke Olsson SWE
4. John Magnusson DEN
5. Thomas Kring DEN
6. Thomas "The Madsen" Madsen DEN
7. Dave Allen UK


1. Nicole Hause
2. Arianna Carmona USA
3. Allysha Le CAN
4. Lilly Stoephasius GER
5. Bila Sadre BRA
6. Leticia Goncalves BRA
7. Silvia Rula SPA


1. Bucky Lasek USA
2. Rony Gomez BRA
3. Sam Beckett UK
4. Edouard "Frenchi" Damestoy FRA
5. Augusta "Japhina" Santos BRA
6. Paul Luc Ronchetti UK
7. Clay Kreiner USA
8. Sandro Diaz BRA

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Vert Attack 2018 Live Webcast Footage

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poster vert attack.

2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Vert Attack 2018 Poster.

2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Vert Attack Poster

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