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Full Part: John Gardners East Coast Autumn
Jersey maniac John Garder lurks the backyards and back alleys of the East Coast, in search of empty pools and sketchy roll-ins. Big ups to a true original.


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Cruisin Brooklyn with John Gardner [6/8/2018]
John Gardner dips out the back window and onto the streets of Brooklyn for the latest cruisin piece. Youre gonna be hyped on this one. Crust lines for days...

Magnified: John Gardner [26/7/2018]
Break the glass? More like break your back! John Gardner goes squeeze play through a portal of pain. Just when you thought skating bump to bars couldnt get any sketchier

John Gardner Thrasher Interview [26/7/2018]
John Gardner Thrasher Interview


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2016: Woodward East
5 in The Foam with John Gardner
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2016: Welcome Videos
Welcome to the Fiend: John Gardner
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Go Fish:

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Full Video: The Creature Video [24/2/2018]
Creature Skateboards Proudly Present, The Creature Video.

Best of 2017: OJ Wheels Re-Squeezed [17/12/2017]
Title says it all. Heres four minutes of our favorite videos from 2017. Guaranteed to get you juiced. Peep it, then go skate!

Lost Bowl Contest 2015 Results and Footage [6/11/2015]
On Saturday, October 24th, 2015 Red Bull Skateboarding teamed up with Creature & Santa Cruz Skateboards/Indy Trucks/OJ Wheels/Bronson Speed Co. to throw a 21-man invite-only backyard bowl bash at Pat Lowerys legendary Richmond, Virginia Lost Bowl.

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