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Bones Bearings and Wheels is an American skateboard company.

Also known as: Bones Wheels and Bearings

Commercial: Lizzy Armantos Pro Wheels
Bones Wheels has released Lizzies first Pro Wheel! Grab a set at your favorite skate shop.


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Team Update: Boo Johnson on Bones Wheels [12/7/2018]
Boo Johnson Now Rides For Bones Wheels!

Commercial: Adrian Sisk For Bones Wheels Blanks [4/6/2018]
No more turning your graphics to the inside. Keep it classy with the Bones Blanks. Heres Adrian Sisk operating as smooth as ever.

Team Update: Ryan Alvero on Bones Wheels [22/5/2018]
Bones Wheels officially welcome Ryan Alvero to the team!


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2016: Interviews
Mike York from Bones Bearings
Play This Video

2016: Welcome Videos
BONES WHEELS Welcomes Steve Caballero
Play This Video

2015: Commercials
30 second Ben Raybourn commercial for BONES WHEELS.
Play This Video


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2012: Advertisments: Show Picture
Tony Hawk Welcome To Bones Wheels.

2011: Advertisments: Show Picture
Bones Wheels DTF Advertisment.

Go Fish:

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Vans Pool Party 2018 Results and Footage [8/5/2018]
Results and Footage from Vans Pool Party 2018.

Chris Joslin For Bones Wheels [16/4/2018]
Chris Joslin For Bones Wheels.

CJ Collins for Bones Wheels [21/2/2018]
CJ Collins is one of a kind. For your enjoyment, here is an edit of CJ ripping around!

Kegan Palmer for Bones Wheels [23/12/2017]
The future of skateboarding is in great hands. Here is a minute of Keegan Palmer killing it!

Pro Freestyle 2017 Results and Footage [21/6/2017]
Here are results and footage from the Pro Freestyle contest.

Bones Wheels Tribute to Animal Chin [17/2/2017]
The Bones Wheels team pay tribute to 30 Years of Animal Chin.

Damn Am Award 2012 Results [13/1/2013]
Here are the results from the 2012 Damn Am Awards.

Australian Open of Surfing 2012 Results and Footag [24/2/2012]
The Australian Open of Surfing was held at Manly Beach this month. Here are results and footage from the surf and skate contests.

Snatch Park Demolished [28/9/2011]
The city of San Diego has demolished the Snatch DIY Skatepark. Here is some information.

Holla Rips 2009 Vert [13/7/2009]
The vert contest was postponed at Holla Rips III due to the rain. A new date has been set. Here is the information.

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2011: Advertisments [21/4/2011]