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Flo Mirtai is a French Professional skateboarder.

Also known as: Florent Mirtain [full name]

Flo Mirtain Free Skate Mag Interview
Free Skate Mag talked to Flo Mirtain.

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Read the interview from the link below.

Free Skate Mag - Flo Mirtain Interview

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Gronze Island Episode 2 Sicily [1/8/2018]
Max Geronzi captained the convoy through the waters of the Mediterranean, where they punished Sicilian dream spots in style. This edit is must-see skateboarding.

Flo Mirtain Free Skate Mag Interview [7/2/2018]
Free Skate Mag talked to Flo Mirtain.

Flo Mirtains Mall Grab Part [9/5/2016]
This video part is half horse-play, half technical wizardry, and the skating wholly incredible. Its a total pleasure to watch, so enjoy the show.


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2016: Skateboard Parts
Flo Mirtains Mall Grab Part
Play This Video

2015: Skateboard Parts
Flo Mirtains Hot Feet Part by Jenkemmag
Play This Video

2014: Commercials
Nokia | Skate Bolivia with Flo Mirtain and Karsten Kleppan
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2010: Advertisments: Show Picture
Cliche Flo Mirtain Advertisment.

Go Fish:

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Team Update: Habitat Welcomes Flo Mirtain [7/2/2018]
Flo and Habitat proclaim their partnership with a full video part loaded with bangers. This is how you introduce a new team rider! Bravo...

Tour Footage: New Balance Parallax [30/11/2017]
Nothing is real. The New Balance Numeric Team journey across Germany and Italy.

Tricolor Full Video [29/9/2017]
New Balance Numeric presents Tricolor featuring the NB Numeric team with main parts from PJ Ladd, Franky Villani, Flo Mirtain and introducing Brandon Westgate.

CPH Open 2017 Results and Footage [1/8/2017]
Here are the results and footage from this years Copenhagen open.

New Balance Barge at Will 2016 Tour Footage [25/10/2016]
New Balance Numeric joined forces with a UK crew for a week long jaunt around the picturesque waterways of the Leeds to Liverpool ship canal system.

Lucas Puig starts Helas [17/3/2012]
Lucas Puig has started a cap company called Helas. Here is some information.

Clich UK Bullseye Tour Footage [4/10/2011]
Check out the Cliche UK team skating England and Scotland last Spring, during their Bullseye Tour.

Clich Germany BBQ Tour 2011 Footage [4/10/2011]
The Cliche team went to Germany for some beers, bbq and skateboarding. Here is the footage from the trip.

Downtown Showdown 2011 London Results and Footage [25/8/2011]
The European Vans Downtown Showdown contest was held at Old Spitalfields Market in East London recently. Here are results and footage from the event.

Clich Eastern Hide and Seek Tour Footage [11/4/2011]
The Cliche team went on tour on the East Coast of the US. Here is some footage.

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