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Miles Silvas is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

Populist 2017: Miles Silvas
Here is Miles Silvas Populist 2017 video.


Miles Silvas PUSH part was an instant classic. His Numbers Edition footage was stylish, as always, and he followed it up with clips in several adidas videos AND a part for Wayward Wheels. And this is why Miles is in the running for this years Populist. Do the right thing and vote.

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Commercial: adidas Skateboarding X Numbers edition [6/8/2018]
Set to a monochromatic backdrop, Gray Spaces features Miles Silvas, Rodrigo Teixeira and Magnus Bordewick skating in the new adidas Skateboarding x Numbers edition collection.

First Look: Miles Silvas [7/2/2018]
The newest issue is a heavy one, literally and figuratively. Miles flips through 200 pages of madness, featuring Nyjah, Suciu, Villani, Reynolds, and many, many more.

Full Part: Miles Silvas One Stop [31/1/2018]
Featuring Miles Silvas in the heart of the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, One Stop is a five-minute, one-take line of Silvas spanning over seven city blocks.


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2015: Welcome Videos
Organika - Miles Silvas is pro
Play This Video

2015: Skateboard Parts
1947 | Intro + Miles Silvas
Play This Video

2013: Welcome Videos
LRG Welcomes Miles Silvas from LRG Clothing
Play This Video


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2015: Various: Show Picture
Miles Silvas announces his departure from Organika via Instagram.

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Das Days New York City [25/7/2018]
Head to New York City with the adidas Skateboarding team to take witness the second Das Days series of 2018.

X Games 2018 Mpl Qualification Results [21/7/2018]
Qualification results and footage from X Games 2018 Minneapolis.

Populist 2017 Nominees [11/1/2018]
Here are the nominees for Populist 2017.

Skate Copa Court 2017 Sao Paulo Ride Footage [27/9/2017]
On September 16th, 2017 Vale do Anhangaba, in So Paulo, received adidas Skate Copa Court, a memorable afternoon for Brazilian skateboarding.

adidas Mid-City Merge [16/7/2017]
adidas Skateboarding heads to Los Angeles, California, where infinite skate spots are tied together in a maze of highways. Mid-City Merge showcases the global team in the streets of L.A., giving you a glimpse into one of skateboardings most iconic urban backdrops.

adidas Skate Copa 2017 London Footage [7/7/2017]
Highlights of the adidas Skate Copa Court event in Shoreditch, London.

adidas Skate Copa 2017 Berlin Flatspot Footage [7/7/2017]
Flatspot Magazine footage from Skate Copa in Berlin, hosted by Lem Villemin.

Numbers / Edition 2 [1/6/2017]
The latest video from Numbers inlcudes their new team riders.

LRG Log and Transfer 2016 Tour Footage [16/12/2016]
Alex Hannon joined LRG for one of the final filming missions to Shanghai for 1947.

Thrasher Skater of the Year 2016 Contenders [28/11/2016]
Thrasher Magazine has released the list of contenders for Skater of the Year 2016.

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2015: Various [6/12/2015]