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China is a country in East Asia.

Also known as:

China Gears Up For Skateboard Olympics
China is recuiting and training skateboarders for the upcoming Olympics.


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Read more in the Jenkem Mag article from the link below.

Jenkem Mag - China is assebling a skateboarding army

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Vans Park Series Shanghai Finals 2018 Promo Video [6/10/2018]
Shanghai, China will play host to the worlds best Mens and Womens park terrain skateboarders for the Vans Park Series Finals. Get set to see Pedro Barros, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Alex Sorgente, Chris Russell, Lizzie Armanto, Nora Vasconcellos, Brighton Zeuner rip apart the custom built park.

Spotguide Problems Resolved on The Justme Website [10/9/2018]
The Skate To Spots and Drive To Spots guides are now working on all browsers.

Tour Footage: Girl and Chocolate Chickity China [15/7/2018]
Last December we took the long haul over to Chickity China for some Skating, Tsingtaos and endless good times.


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2016: Tour Videos
Fp China trip Vol,1 / 2015
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Zoo York China Tour 2015
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2018: Advertisment: Show Picture
Vans Park Series Live Webcast Schedule Poster

2008: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Kia Asian X-Games 2008 Website.

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FISE World Series 2018 schedule.

Vans Park Series 2018 [24/2/2018]
Vans Park Series, the official park terrain skateboarding World Championships Tour, proudly announces the 2018 VPS Pro Tour schedule.

Malariahouse Lists 10 Best Skateparks In Bali [11/1/2018]
Malariahouse Lists 10 Best Skateparks In Bali

Populist 2017: Shane O Neill [11/1/2018]
Here is the Shane O Neill Populist 2017 video.

Rodney Mullen South China Morning Post Interview [1/11/2017]
Skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen says its all about attitude.

RIP LRG 1947 Video [18/4/2017]
Unused clips and alternative angels from the LRG 1947 video.

Vans Park Series 2017 World Tour Schedule [15/12/2016]
The Vans Park Series has released the world tour schedule for 2017.

ASC 2016 Results and Footage [5/12/2016]
Here are results and footage from the Asian Skateboarding Championships.

Larvik Open 2016 Results and Footage [9/7/2016]
Here are results and some footage from this years Larvik Open.

Death and Taxes Top 10 LA Skate Spots [28/7/2015]
Death and Taxes Magazin has listed the ten best skate spots in Los Angeles.

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2005: China [1/10/2007]