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Oslo Skatehall is an indoor/outdoor skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Also known as: Voldslkka Skatehall / Voldslkka Indoor Skatepark / Oslo Skatepark / Oslo Indoor Skatepark / Oslo Skatehall

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Results and Footage
Here are the results from the All Terrain Ripper contest at Oslo Skatehall.



1. Ben Hatchell
2. Bjarne Tjtta
3. Tyler Edtmayer
4. Kevin Bkkel
5. Elias Nilsen
6. William Wallentin
7. Petter Brunvatne
8. Espen Red
9. Jon Harald Aspheim
10. Pontus Bjrn
11. Dag Martin Nilsen
12. Audun Mehl
13. Jrn Wiggo Nyberg
14. Henry Calmeyer
15. Sebastian Holth Silva
16. Rune Gustavsen
17. Erik Dyblie
18. Nicolas Africanus Gjefle
19. Vi Duc Truong


1. Jonathan Drab
2. Gard Hvaara
3. Kevin Bkkel
4. Rene Villumsen
5. Mads Christiansen
6. Georg Stenersen
7. Simen Hgeland
8. Bjarne Tjtta
9. Henning Braaten
10. Karsten Kleppan
11. Jan Henrik Kongstein
12. Vi Duc Truong
13. Dan Stene
14. Petter Brunvatne
15. Jaran Jacobsen


1. Pontus Bjrn
2. Espen Red
3. Tyler Edtmayer
4. Audun Mehl
5. Kevin Bkkel
6. William Wallentin
7. Jon Harald Aspheim
8. Dag Martin Nilsen
9. Elias Nilsen
10. Bjarne Tjtta
11. Rune Gusavsen
12. Jaran Jacobsen
13. Henry Calmeyer
14. Nicolas Africanus Gjefle
15. Vi Duc Truong

All Terrain Ripper:

1. Kevin Bkkel

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2017: Oslo Skatehall
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2017: Oslo Skatehall
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