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Also known as: The Jeremy Elkin Raw Tapes / THe Elkin Tapes

Elkin Raw Tapes Episode 2
Elkin Raw Tapes are back for round 2 and Jeremy has a gloriously random mix of faces in the mix for you this time around. Enjoy!


Featuring; Ryan Lay, Joseph Delgado, Aaron Herrington, Brian Delatore, Kevin Tierney, Dustin Eggeling and more.

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Elkin Raw Tapes Episode 17 [1/8/2018]
The Elkin Raw Tapes returns with yet another amazing episode.

Elkin Raw Tapes Episode 16 [4/7/2018]
More Elkin Raw Tapes to spice up your bland Tuesday in the office. Jeremy Elkin was filming non-stop in NYC from 2010-2013 working on several video projects including The Brodies, Static IV, the Polar video and more. And he blessed us with mountains of raw footage from that era, capturing an amazingly eclectic view of the NYC skate scene.

Elkin Raw Tapes Episode 15 [13/6/2018]
Elkin Raw Tapes is back for, believe it or not, episode FIFTEEN! Wow, this series has been bringing the NYC heat for a while now and this newest episode is no exception.


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