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Banned is a skateboard video from Leo Carroll-Capp.

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Full Video: Banned
Banned is a full video from Leo Carroll-Capp filmed in Melbourne.


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Full Video: Banned [30/11/2017]
Banned is a full video from Leo Carroll-Capp filmed in Melbourne.


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Sabotage in Lyon 2017 Tour Footage [14/5/2017]
After the tragic fall of LOVE Park in Philly, Thrasher sent the Sabotage crew across the pond to session Lyons Hotel de Ville, another legendary plaza in danger of being snatched from the skate world.

Banned in most of town, wants skatepark [23/1/2017]
Banned from skateboarding at schools or in most of town, teenagers have fought for decades to find their place in downtown Nashville.

Oslo Indoor Skatepark For Skaters Only [19/12/2016]
The decision that the new indoor skatepark in Oslo will be available only for skateboarders has sparked discussions.

Skateboards Banned in Translation [12/4/2016]
Trough an error in the Chinese translation of a new poster forbidding hoverboards, it seems New York City subway instead banned all carrying, standing, and riding skateboards, on buses, rail cars and platforms.

Skateboarding Timeline [10/8/2015]
Here is a timeline of historic skateboarding events.

Conflict In Porsgrunn After Skatepark Split [2/10/2014]
Kickbike, bmx and inline riders in Porsgrunn are complaining that they are not getting enough access to the skatepark after the city implemented seperate times for the various users based on models used in other cities.

Larvik Skaters Get Sqeezed Out Of Skatepark [28/7/2014]
After working for many years to get a skatepark in Larvik, the skaters are now being squeezed out by kids on kickbikes. The city hopes the situation can be resolved without having to regulate the park.

Limits the use of kickbikes at Horten Skatepark [5/5/2014]
Bromsjordet Skatepark in Horten is limiting the use of kickbikes after several dangerous situations.

Kickbikes banned from Zeiner Skatepark [22/11/2013]
Kids on kickbikes have been denied use of the new skatepark in Tnsberg due to the dangers.

Trick scooters linger at Flledparken [10/4/2012]
Seems there is still a problem with kids on trick scooters at Flledparken in spite of the ban.

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1986: Advertisments [7/7/2011]