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Vision Skatepark was an indoor skatepark in Kristiansand, Norway.

Also known as: Vision Skatehall / Kristiansand Skatehall / Kristiansand Skatepark

1 Last Jam 2017 Results and Footage
Here are results and footage from the last skateboard contest at Vision Skatehall in Kristiansand.


Senior Street:

1. Roar Kolnes
2. Fredrik Tangerud

Senior Bowl:

1. Charlie Blue Troxel
2. Fredrik Tangerud

Senior Best Trick:

1. Fredrik Tangerud

Junior Street:

1. Johannes Bye sheim
2. Lukas Storm

Junior Miniramp:

1. Johannes Bye sheim
2. Malene Svanaasen

Junior Best trick:

1. Johannes Bye sheim

Game Of Skate:

1. Roar Kolnes


External Links

More footage and information from the local paper.

Fdrelandsvennen - Avsluttet med stil i Vision Skatepark

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Wants To Renovate Vision Skatepark [6/6/2018]
Bl Kors wants to raise 2.000.000 NOK to renovate Vision Skatepark in Kristiansand.


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2015: Vision Skatepark
Thomas Thorkildsen at Vision Skatepark.
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2015: Vision Skatepark
Daniel Pedersen vision footy
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2013: Vision Skatepark
Adrian Kjellevik in Vision Skatepark
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Vision Skatepark Fundraiser Poster

2018: Advertisment: Show Picture

2018: Vision Skatepark: Show Picture
New lights installed. Photo by Vision Skatepark.

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2018: Vision Skatepark [7/6/2018]

2010: NORB NM Street Best Trick [9/9/2010]

2010: NORB NM Vert Final [20/8/2010]

2010: NORB NM Vert Final [20/8/2010]

2010: NORB NM Vert Final [20/8/2010]

2010: NORB NM Vert Final [20/8/2010]

2010: NORB NM Vert Final [20/8/2010]

2010: NORB NM Vert Final [20/8/2010]

2010: NORB NM Vert Final [20/8/2010]

2010: NORB NM Vert Final [20/8/2010]