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Primitive Skateboarding is an American skateboard Company.

Also known as:

Franky Villani on Primitive
Primitive Skate has welcomed Frany Villani to the team.


The first time I saw @frankyvillani skate was at an Am contest a while ago and he did a big spin Bennett grind down a hubba; I thought that was a really cool trick, he really caught my eye. A bit later @shanejoneill had mentioned him to me and he said Franky was one of the best people hed seen skate in person, so I kept my eye on him and Ive always been hyped on everything that hes put out. Having skated with him in person now, I can tell you that Shane was right, Franky is the quintessential modern skateboarder who can skate any spot that you take him to and hell have a lot of fun doing it, so it is with great pleasure that I can welcome Franky to the Primitive Skate team - @prod84 #PrimitiveSkate 📹 & 🖥 @kevperez

Et innlegg delt av Primitive Skateboarding (@primitiveskate)

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