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Burnside Skatepark is a skatepark in Portland, Oregon.

Also known as: Portland Skatepark

Skreech Does The Burnside Loop
Skreech Does The Burnside Loop


"The Burnside loop is sketchy........the roof is so skinny and you come out on a hip.... but its a go." - Skreech

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Skreech Does The Burnside Loop [7/11/2017]
Skreech Does The Burnside Loop


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2015: Burnside Skatepark
Burnside Halloween 25 from Thrasher Magazine.
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2013: Interviews
Cody Lockwood Skating Burnside + Answering 5 Quick Questions, Alli Sports My 5.
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2010: Burnside Skatepark
Burnside's 20th
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2003: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Neil Hedding Fundraiser Benefit at Burnside Skatepark

2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Burnside 20 Year Event Flyer.

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2003: Event Flyers [21/3/2013]