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El Toro High School is a school building in Lake Forest, California.

Also known as: El Toro 20 / El Toro Handrail [skatespot]

Documented Tricks Down The El Toro Stairs
Here is a list of tricks done down the El Toro 20 step stairs.

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2001: Ollie by Don "The Nuge" Nguyen in On Video Winter 2003.

2006: Kickflip by Dave Bachinsky in Our Life.

2006: Backside Ollie by Ryan Dannettelle in What Its Called.

2009: Nollie by Ryan Decenzo in Episode 5 of United By Fate .

2011: Backside Early Grab by Derek Tracy in A Happy Medium 2.

2011: Tuck Knee by Aaron "Jaws" Homoki in A Happy Medium 2.

2011: Switch Frontside Ollie by TJ Rogers in This Is Not A Test

2012: Firecracker by Madars Apse in Future Nature.

2014: Kickflip Melon Grab by Aaron "Jaws" Homoki in A Happy Medium 3.


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El Toro Stairset Demolished [26/6/2019]
The Famous El Toro stairset has been demolished.

Magnified: Nick Merlino [15/10/2018]
Nick jumps down the mountain known as El Toro, snapping a crisp switch ollie into the history books.

Adrien Bulard El Toro Raw [19/7/2018]
This one didnt come easy. Adrien Bulard battled this mother of all backside tailslides for over an hour, taking a head-busting slam that sent blood spilling down his face. He broke his board and had to borrow Jorge Simoes. In the end, he rolled away from a flawless back tail to straight!


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