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Jackalope is an annual skateboard contest in Canada.

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Jackalope 2017 Results and Footage
Here are results and footage from this years Jackalope.



1 Jayden Bono CANADA
3 Jon Consentino CANADA
4 Ryo Sejiri JAPAN
5 Micky Papa CANADA
6 Riso Tury SLOVAKIA
7 TJ Rogers CANADA
8 Sewa Kroetkov HOLAND
9 Ben Garcia FRANCE
10 Andy Anderson CANADA
11 Greg Lutzka USA
12 Nassim Lachhab MAROC
13 Joseph Garbaccio FRANCE
14 Simon Stricker SWITZERLAND
15 Zander Gabriel USA
16 Bailey Seagers CANADA
17 Jordache Bouchard CANADA
18 Morgan Desjardins Turgeons CANADA
19 Dave Bachinsky USA
21 Timotej Lampe Ignjic SLOVENIA
22 Gab Proulx CANADA
23 Mason Cluett CANADA
24 Ben Patterson CANADA
25 Matt Racine CANADA
26 Kirk Roach CANADA
28 Dylan Campbell
29 Aaron Rios
30 Pierre-Yves Frappier
31 Raphael Seguin
32 Rheaume Fillion Tremblay
33 Axel Mansilla
34 Cody French
35 Daniel Rousell
36 Cdric Vigneault
37 Vince Baldo
38 Ryan Racine
39 Courtney Troy
40 Frank Gagnon
41 Carlos Fagundes
42 Michael Foisy
43 Josh Warner-Jacobs
44 Jeff Huard
45 Justin Darrow
46 Alex Dumont
47 Damon Connors
48 Jesse Bartnett
49 Shayne Eldridge


1 Mariah Duran USA
2 Annie Guglia CANADA
3 Breana Geering CANADA
4 Charlotte Hym FRANCE
5 Camille Lanctot CANADA
6 Paige Kramer CANADA
7 Helene Gerard FRANCE
8 Maddy Balt CANADA
9 Bianca Lio CANADA
10 Samantha Secours CANADA
11 Jeanne Duval FRANCE
12 Laura Sliva CANADA
13 Anna Hyzka CANADA
14 Naomie Marin CANADA
15 Amber Moffatt CANADA
16 Chlo Morin CANADA
17 Frederique Luyet CANADA
18 Ellyn Badens CANADA

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Jackalope 2019 [23/12/2018]
Jackalope Fest is being held 17-18 August, 2019.

Jackalope 2018 Skateboard Highlights Footage [27/8/2018]
Jackalope 2018 Skateboard Highlights Footage.

Jackalope 2018 Best Of Footage [26/8/2018]
Jackalope is the largest action sports event in Canada. The 7th edition took place on August 17 to 19, 2018 in Montreal.


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2018: Jackalope: Show Picture
Podium. Photo by Jackalope.

2016: Jackalope: Show Picture
Mens skateboard winners. Photo by Jackalope.

2016: Jackalope: Show Picture
Womens skateboard winners. Photo by Jackalope.

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2018: Jackalope [24/8/2018]