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Ishod Wair is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:

Ishod Wair Vans Park Series Profile Interview
Check out VPS Select Pro Ishod Wair! Thrasher Mags 2013 Skater of the Year, Ishod is mostly known for his street skating skills, but has been killing Park Terrain with us all summer.


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Full Part: Ishod Wair Back On My BS [20/7/2018]
Ishods Back on his Blazer Sh*t in his latest part for Nike Skateboarding.

Ishod Wair Thrasher Interview [20/7/2018]
Thrasher talks tricks with Ishod Wair.

Thrasher Skater of the Year 2017 Contenders [24/11/2017]
Thrasher Magazine has released the contenders for this years Skater of the Year.


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2016: Various
CPH OPEN 2016 Monster Energy
Play This Video

2015: Skateboard Parts
Ishod Wairs Told Ya Part
Play This Video

2015: Skateboard Parts
Ishods Very Wair-y Christmas
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2015: X Games Oslo: Show Picture
Ishod Wair skating the X Games Oslo course. Photo by Danny Burrows/X Games Oslo.

2015: X Games Oslo: Show Picture
Ishod Wair skating the X Games Oslo course. Photo by Danny Burrows/X Games Oslo.

2011: Advertisments: Show Picture
Ishod Wair Real Pro Ad.

Go Fish:

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BATB 11 Ishod Wair vs TJ Rogers [15/10/2018]
TJ Rogers makes his Battle At The Berrics debut facing off against a seasoned BATB vet: Ishod Wair.

CPH-BER 2018 Berlin Footage #4 [15/8/2018]
The CPH Copenhagen Open Berlin 2018 is over and it was insane! Street missions, a different park each day, pros all over the city and way to much happening for such a short time. Woody was there as to find out more about the event.

CPH-BER 2018 Amsterdam Footage [11/8/2018]
After Copenhagen the CPH Pro crew came down to Amsterdam to host a line session on a classic Dutch school bench and a ledge. After that they all took the boat with lots of champagne and went over to the famous Marnix Bowl where people reached hights that they never saw before. If that wasnt enough Skatepark Noord held a deathrace and afterparty. So much in one day and it will only become more in the upcoming days in Berlin, Germany.

X Games 2018 Mpl Qualification Results [21/7/2018]
Qualification results and footage from X Games 2018 Minneapolis.

Go Skateboarding Day 2018 Los Angeles TWS Footage [4/7/2018]
TransWorld SKATEboarding ventured out to Nike SBs Go Skateboarding Day event in LA at the infamous Courthouse which was pristinely cleaned up and ready for some skateboardin.

X Games 2018 Minneapolis Riderslist [6/6/2018]
X Games 2018 Minneapolist Riderslist.

SLS 2018 London Practice Footage [4/6/2018]
Street League London Practice from Route One.

Charred Remains: Arson Dept II [15/2/2018]
The Spitfire team keep burning through the Bay Area.

Full Video: Arson Department II [31/1/2018]
The Spitfire Wheels team keep burning through the Bay Area.

CPH Open 2017 Bowl Footage [2/8/2017]
Jonathan Mcdermid has some footage from the Copenhagen Open bowl contest.

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