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CCS is an American retailer of shoes, clothing and equipment for skateboarding and snowboarding.

Also known as: California Cheap Skates [original name]

CCS Opens Shop In Portland
After years of bouncing from one owner to another, one of the oldest names in skateboarding has found its home in Portland.

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Oregon Live - Portland skate shop revives old-school brand CCS

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The CCS Invitational At Hubbaberg Footage [3/9/2018]
After building a miniature replica of El Toro at the CCS Portland shop last year, CCS didnt know how they were going to top ourselves. Luckily they teamed up with Adidas to mash up two more iconic skate spots, mixing a miniature Hubba Hideout and a smaller version of Wallenberg to create Hubbaberg! The turn out was insane and the skating was even crazier. They even had the fuzz try and shut them down, but they showed him what was up. What will they do next year???

CCS Mini El Toro Skateboard Contest [8/8/2017]
Youll never need an excuse to skate, but it takes a special kind of excuse to throw an event like the CCS El Torito Skate Contest. In this particular case, it was the grand opening of our CCS retail space in Portland, OR.

CCS Opens Shop In Portland [4/8/2017]
After years of bouncing from one owner to another, one of the oldest names in skateboarding has found its home in Portland.


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2016: Welcome Videos
CCS Welcomes Kevin Kowalski
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2016: Welcome Videos
David Gravette: A Boy And His Flat Bar
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2014: Welcome Videos
Nyjah Huston on CCS
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2010: Advertisments: Show Picture
CCS Welcomes Torey Pudwill.

Go Fish:

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Full Part: Ryan Lay CCS Remix [21/3/2019]
Check this rad re-edit of Ryan Lays footage from 2018. In case you missed his Real Street and his etnies album parts, this remix is the best of both worlds and then some. Thanks to CCS for this one!

Go Skateboarding Day 2018 USA TWS Footage [4/7/2018]
Go Skateboarding Day 2018: Portland, Tampa, Santa Cruz, Minneapolis, Charlotte.

Go Skateboarding Day 2018 CCS Footage [30/6/2018]
Cars have been skated for decades now, but how often do you get to skate a luxury car thats in good enough condition to drive home after the session? Nike hooked CCS up with some funds to throw a 2018 Go Skateboarding Day event and this is what they came up with. In the end One lucky ripper drove off with a new Caddy... They didnt even break any glass!

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 CCS Footage [28/6/2017]
If a skateboard trick only takes you about one second to perform and you can get a free slice of pizza for that skateboard trick, then that means you couldve got 3,600 slices of pizza an hour if you were some sort of super human. This is the kind of math CCS ended up doing this year on Go Skateboarding Day!

Isbitarna Open 2016 RT Footage [5/12/2016]
Rolling Taco footage from the Isbitarna Open contest in Sweden.

Go Skateboarding Day 2016 Vancouver Footage [16/7/2016]
Here is a video from Go Skateboarding Day in Vancouver.

Skate SM 2015 Turku Results and Footage [15/11/2015]
Here are results and footage from the Turku qualifications

Bekkis Video [22/11/2013]
Ulrik Andersen spent a day filming at Arena Bekkestua.

Manny Saniago Wears Ipath [17/9/2013]
Ipath has welcomed Manny Santiago to the team. Here is some information.

The Osiris Experience 2013 Results and Footage [8/7/2013]
Here are results and footage from The Osiris Experience at Mystic Skatepark in Prague.

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