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Milton Martinez is an Argentinian skateboarder.

Also known as:

Milton Martinez Thrasher Interview
Thrasher Magazine talked to Milton Martinez.

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Read the interview from the link below.

Milton Martinez on Weed and Money

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Full Part: Milton Martinez 2018 ReCap [29/11/2018]
A Recap of the Onslaught of Skateboarding Destruction by Milton Martinez in 2018.

Milton Martinez Trick of the Year [3/11/2018]
Milton Martinez Goes All In on this Gap to Lipslide from a Helicopter Pad!

Tour Footage: Creatures NOR Smokes Holiday [7/7/2018]
Oslo and Hamar, Norway with Kevin Bkkel and Milton Martinez to check out Kevins homeland and skate some spots. Smooookkeeeesss!!!!!


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2015: Dead Boar Ditch
Milton Martinez at Dead Boar Ditch
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2014: Interviews
Creature Skateboards: 5&5 with Milton Martinez from Strange Notes
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2014: Interviews
For Milton Martinez, skateboarding is truly a family affair. In this @Home for Creature Skateboards, Independent Trucks, and Strange Notes. Milton welcomes us to his home and takes us out for a days skating at his local spots in Mar del Plata, Argentina.
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Commercial: Milton Martinez Postcard P2 Deck [21/3/2019]
Milton Martinezs NEW Mar Del Plata Postcard P2 Deck Out Now!

Independent Trucks Best of 2018 [15/2/2019]
2018 was a heavy year for the Independent Trucks team. Heres the best of the best in 2018 from Independent Trucks. Enjoy!

Indy Sydenham Demo 2019 Footage [9/1/2019]
Heavy crew of Independent Trucks team riders putting on a demo in Down Unda in Sydenham

Tour Footage: Converse Cons Calango [31/12/2018]
This past September the Cons Team rounded up a crew and set out on an acai fueled journey through Salvador, Goiania, Brasilia and Sao Paulo, enjoy!

Full Video: Gotta Pray To Play Tour 2018 [12/12/2018]
The spot hunt never ends. Pittsburgh to Detroit, and everything in between, gets ignited by this epic Indy squad.

Thrasher Skater of the Year 2018 Contenders [29/11/2018]
Thrashers hot list of SOTY Contenders for 2018.

Full Video: Gotta Pray to Play [28/11/2018]
The spot hunt never ends. Pittsburgh to Detroit, and everything in between, gets ignited by this epic Indy squad.

Commercial: Milton Martinez My Indys [28/11/2018]
Dig in with Milton Martinez in this Installment of My Indys, as he tells why he prefers Indys over all other trucks on the market.

Creature at Bobilla DIY Skatepark [1/10/2018]
The Creature Crew hit up Bobilla DIY for a BBQ, Some Brews and a QP Sesh all in the name of P-Stone and Hubbard.

Creature Fiends at Sant Boi Skatepark [22/9/2018]
While in Barcelona the Crew stopped by the Sant Boi Skatepark for a wind down from a day in the streets.

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