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Indoor skatepark in Tampere, Finland.

Also known as: Tampere Skatepark / Tampere Indoor Skatepark / Tampere Indoor Bowl / Kenneli Skatepark

New Skatepark In Tampere This Summer
The new olympic grade skatepark in Tampere was built by voulenteers and unemployed, and will open in June.


Short clip from the last transition pour.

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A new indoor bowl is under construction in Tampere, Finland.

Tampere Gets Indoor Bowl

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Aamilehti - Tampereelle avautuu pian olympiatason skeittihalli Urakka tyllist mys pitkaikaistyttmi
YLE - Skeittirata entiseen sellutehtaaseen: Nin mittavaa kokonaisuutta en ole ikin ennen nhnyt

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Kenneli Gets Outdoor Skatepark [12/5/2018]
An outdoor concrete skatepark is being built outside the Kenneli DIY Skatepark in Tampere, Finland.

Manserama 2017 Footage [29/11/2017]
Here is some footage from Manserama at Kenneli DIY Skatepark in Tampere, Finland.

Kenneli DIY Skatepark To Discuss Street Course [9/10/2017]
Skaters are invited to give their input on the new street course at Kenneli DIY Skatepark in Tampere on Wednesday, October 11, 2017.


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2017: Kenneli DIY Skatepark: Show Picture
Plans for the new street course.

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