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The Flare is a skateboard video from Lakai Footwear.

Also known as:

The Flare Official Trailer
The new Lakai video is coming this July...


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Extra Flare: Riley Hawk [18/9/2017]
He had last part in The Flare, so you know this behind-the-scenes look is gonna be mayhem. From ditch to all types of contorted rails, Riley puts in work to get the makes. Nothing worth a damn comes easy.

Extra Flare: Raven Tershy [18/9/2017]
If you want full-throttle, pedal-to-the-metal SKATE AND DESTROY action, then say no more. This is skateboarding. Raven is a beast. Featuring Cody Chapman.

Extra Flare: Tyler Pacheco [18/9/2017]
Manchild is a natural. The push, the pop, the style - it all just looks RIGHT. Youre gonna love this edit.


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Lakai The Flare Teaser
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Populist 2017: Riley Hawk [11/1/2018]
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