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Skatepark in Troms, Norway.

Also known as: Ersfjordbotn Skatepark / Troms Skatepark / Ersfjordeidet Skatepark

Blmann Skatepark Official Opening
The skatepark at Ersfjordeidet is being officially opened Saturday 17th June 2017.

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Odd-Brge Lunde Hansen also wants to realise more skateparks in Troms. Read more from the link below.

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Blmann Skatepark Gets Miniramp Money [27/3/2018]
IL Blmann got 20.000 NOK from Nordlys Plussfondet to expand the miniramp at Blmann Skatepark.

Blmann Skatepark SNN Feature [21/6/2017]
SNN Stiftelsene has an article about the opening of Blmann Skatepark.

Ersfjordbotn Skatepark Has Opened [20/6/2017]
iTroms visited the official opening of Blmann Skatepark.


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2017: Various: Show Picture
Blmann Skatepark Rules.

2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Blmann Skatepark Opening Poster.

2016: Blmann Skatpark: Show Picture
Blmann Skatepark completed. Photo by Odd-Brge Lunde Hansen‎.

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Skate at Ersfjorddagen Rett Vest 2016 [11/6/2016]
Blmann IL has bought a miniramp construction kit from Betongpark, and is setting it up for an event at Ersfjorddagen Rett Vest 2016 on Saturday 11th June 2016.

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2017: Various [23/6/2017]

2017: Event Flyers [16/6/2017]

2016: Blmann Skatpark [7/11/2016]

2016: Blmann Skatpark [22/9/2016]