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Fredrikstad is a city in the county of stfold, Norway.

Also known as: Frederiksstad [old name]

Skateboarding at Ufestivalen 2017
A street contest and a demo is being held in Fredrikstad during Ufestival, Saturday 22nd April, 2017.


Check out the promo video.


The events is held at Fredrikstad Rdhus.

13:00 Registration
14:00 Best trick contest
17:30 Demo

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Skate Show In Fredrikstad [13/9/2018]
A skate show is being held in Fredrikstad on 14th September, 2018.

Fredrikstad Best Trick 2018 Footage [11/9/2018]
A best trick contest was held in Fredrikstad recently. Here is some footage.

Fredrikstad Skatehall Junior Best Trick 2018 [29/8/2018]
Junior best trick contest at the indoor skatepark in Fredrikstad on Saturday 1st September, 2018.


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2014: Steffenjordet Skatepark
Betongpark demo (FREDRIKSTAD) by Jrgen Johannessen. Skaters; Daryl Nobbs, Rasmus Sand, Peter Stege, David Jedda, Linus Rsell, Ben Divine and Balder Lehman.
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2011: Fredrikstad
Go Skateboarding Day. En video av Jesper Johannesen og Sven Olav Solberg.
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2010: Fredrikstad
Michael Johansen lipside
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2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Fredrikstad Skate Show Poster

2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture

2018: Advertisment: Show Picture
Reopening Ad

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NORB NM 2018 Street Results

NORB NM 2018 Senior Street Qualification Results [18/8/2018]
NORB NM 2018 Senior Street Qualification Results

Christer Syversen at Fredrikstad Indoor Skatepark [14/5/2018]
Christer Syversen at Skatehallen Fredrikstad.

Haugenstua at Fredrikstad Skatehall [23/2/2017]
Haugenstua Skateklubb visited the indoor skatepark in Fredrikstad.

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Join us for a look at some of the ups and downs of Norwegian skateboarding in 2016.

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Fredrikstad Skatepark Is Ready To Go [24/3/2016]
The outdoor skatepark in Fredrikstad has been cleaned up and is ready for skating.

Snow Cleared From Stjrdal Skatepark [24/3/2016]
All the snow and ice have been cleaned away from the skatepark in Stjrdal.

Skateboarding Hightlights 2015 [31/1/2016]
Here is a look back at some of the skateboarding hightlights of 2015.

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2016: Fredrikstad Skatehall [17/12/2016]

2016: Fredrikstad Skatehall [17/12/2016]

2015: Advertisments [24/12/2015]

2015: Borge Skole Skatepark [15/10/2015]

2015: Borge Skole Skatepark [15/10/2015]

2015: Event Flyers [3/10/2015]

2015: Event Flyers [3/10/2015]

2015: Skatehallen Fredrikstad [21/8/2015]

2014: Steffensjordet Skatepark [13/4/2015]

2015: Kongsten Skatepark [21/3/2015]