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Tampa Pro is an annual skateboard contest in Tampa, Florida.

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Tampa Pro 2017 Results and Footage
Here are the results and footage from this years Tampa Pro.

Results / Footage

1. Louie Lopez
2. Luan Oliveira
3. Keven Hoefler
4. Shane O Neill
5. Nyjah Huston
6. Dave Bachinsky
7. Tommy Fynn
8. Felipe Gustavo
9. Chris Cole
10. Torey Pudwill
11. Milton Martinez
12. Tiago Lemos

Old Man Bowl Jam:

1. Eric Dressen
2. Remy Stratton
3. Tyler Bullock

Concrete Jam:

1st United States Cody Lockwood, Age 25
2nd United States Tom Remillard, Age 26
3rd United States Jake Wooten, Age 16
4th United States Ishod Wair, Age 25
5th Argentina Milton Martinez, Age 25
6th United States Charlie Blair, Age 27
7th United States Daniel Vargas, Age 23
8th United States Riley Stevens, Age 27
9th United States Brandon Yarborough, Age 22
10th United States Erick Winkowski, Age 21

Industry VIP:

1st United States Nathan Alton
2nd United States Ira Ingram
3rd United States Tato Feliciano, Age 42
4th United States Paul Zitzer, Age 44
5th United States Nick Matlin, Age 38
6th United States Lee Berman
7th United States Justin Cefai, Age 33
8th United States Andrew Walker, Age 27
9th United States Oscar Wagenbucher
10th United States Gavin Denike
11th United States Bob Reynolds, Age 42
12th United States Joe Perrin
13th United States Mike Rogers, Age 50
14th United States Kevin Biram
15th Brazil Chris Fernandos
16th United States Tyler Tufty, Age 37
17th United States BC aka BC, Age 47
18th United States Rodrigo Lima, Age 29
19th United States Josh Friedberg, Age 45
20th United States Spanish Mike, Age 26
21st United States Ezekiel Tafari, Age 39
22nd United States Landon Giuli
23rd Brazil Felipe Ventura
24th Canada Bill Weiss

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2018: Tampa Pro: Show Picture
Trey Wood. Photo by Bart Jones / Monster Energy.

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