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Cruise and Booze 2017 Trailer
Cruise and Boose returns to Eindhoven on 1 April 2017.


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Cruise and Booze 2017 Footage [11/4/2017]
Here is some footage from the Cruise an Booze contest in Eindhoven.

Cruise and Booze 2017 Trailer [5/3/2017]
Cruise and Boose returns to Eindhoven on 1 April 2017.

Wild in the Parks 2012 Netherlands Results & Footy [9/7/2012]
Here are the results and footage from the WITP event held at Area51 Skatepark in Eindhoven, Netherlands.


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2009: Goofy vs Regular EU
Goofy vs Regular EU Teaser
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Emoves European Bowl Battle 2018 Flatspot Footage [1/7/2018]
This weekend at the Area51 Skatepark in Eindhoven, inThe Netherlands the Emoves European Bowl Battle went down. With riders from all over Europe and of course local ripper Daan van der Linden you could see tricks flying everywhere.

Element Make It Count 2012 Contest Series EU [13/2/2012]
Element is holding 24 contests across Europe this year. Here are the scheduled events.

Wild in the Parks 2011 International [19/5/2011]
Here is the dates and scheduled stops of the International Volcom Wild in the Parks tour.

Wild in the Parks 2010 [31/5/2010]
The schedule for this years Volcom Wild in the Parks has been released. Here are the dates and locations of the events in Europe and the US.

Element Make It Count Europe 2010 [12/3/2010]
The European Element Make It Count contest series started in Germany this month. Here is some infromation about the series.

Wild in the Parks 2008 [6/5/2008]
Volcom Wild in the Parks kicks off this weekend with events in the US and Asia. The contest comes to norway in september, and will be held at Trikkestallen Skatepark in Trondheim. Here is some more information, as well as the complete program as posted to date.

Adil Dyani Signs With Shit [13/3/2008]
Shit issued a press release yesterday, stating that they have signed up Adil Dyani, one of the few professional skateboarders in Norway.

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