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Blood Wizard Japan 2016 Tour Footage
Feast your eyes upon this epic two and a half week quest in this installment of The Lawless Ones. The Blood Wizard teams brews up mystical spells upon Japan.


The Lawless Ones, featuring Jerry Gurney, Chris Gregson and Jack.

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Team Update: Jerry Gurney Leaves Blood Wizard [11/8/2018]
In current BW news, Jerry Gurney has decided to move on from Blood Wizard.

Commercial: Blood Wizard x Castlebasas x Gregson [25/6/2018]
Blood Wizard Skateboards did some a run with Castlebasas for Chris Gregsons new board.

Meet the Wizards Interview [9/8/2017]
Starting on Monday, weve got Blood Wizard parts dropping. Get to know what makes these conjurers of chaos tick before witnessing the carnage. Guess whos only got one ball...


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2012: Welcome Videos
Chris Gregson shreds with The Wizard filmed/edit Kyle Wilcox
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2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
Nolan Miskell on Blood Wizard Ad.

2016: Advertisments: Show Picture
Blood Wizard Mashup Series Ad

2016: Advertisments: Show Picture
Blood Wizard Pro Jerry Gurney Ad

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Lost Bowl Contest 2015 Results and Footage [6/11/2015]
On Saturday, October 24th, 2015 Red Bull Skateboarding teamed up with Creature & Santa Cruz Skateboards/Indy Trucks/OJ Wheels/Bronson Speed Co. to throw a 21-man invite-only backyard bowl bash at Pat Lowerys legendary Richmond, Virginia Lost Bowl.

Skateboard Catalogs Spring 2011 [28/2/2011]
Many of the skateboard brands has gotten their spring 2011 product catalogs out on the web. Here is a list of links for those interested.

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2017: Advertisments [23/3/2017]

2016: Advertisments [26/9/2016]