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Oddity is a skateboard video from Foundation Skateboards.

Also known as:

Oddity OC Premier
The new Foundation video premiers in OC, February 1st, 2017.


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Unwashed: Corey Glicks Oddity Part [19/4/2017]
In a video full of standouts, Mr. Glick left quite the impression. Heres a raw look at the blood, sweat and body-jarring hits that went into the making of his killer video part.

Unwashed: Aidan Campbells Oddity Part [29/3/2017]
In a video full of stand-out parts, Aidans was something special. This guy is an absolute ATV animal! Now lets dive into the raw behind-the-scenes footage. Enjoy...

Unwashed: Cole Wilson Oddity Part [29/3/2017]
His Foundation part was one of the heaviest doses of skateboarding ever administered, and youll appreciate it even more after getting a glimpse of what he put into it. Cole is a savage beast!


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2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Oddity Premier Poster

Go Fish:

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Cole Wilson Thrasher Interview [26/2/2017]
Thrasher Magazine did an interview with Cole Wilson.

Foundation Team Thrasher Interview [11/2/2017]
Thrasher has an interview with the Foundation team.

Foundation Pro Cole Wilson [21/11/2016]
Cole Wilson has turned pro with Foundation Skateboards.

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