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Monument Skateboards Best of Street 2016
Monument takes a look back over the last year street skating.


Featuring; Roar Kolnes, Toggi, Endez Chavez, Tor Grude Riber, Marcus Vic, Kim Beyer and Lief Erik Sele.

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Best of 2017: Street Treats Raw and Complete [10/1/2018]
A compilation of all the footage from the Street Treats series from 2017.

Street Treats Vilnius 2017 Tour Footage [12/5/2017]
Monument Skateboards went on a cold but really fun trip out to Vilnius in Lithuania.

Monument Barcelona Tour 2017 Footage [22/4/2017]
A week hitting up the streets of Barcelona with Monument Skateboards.


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2016: TX Skatepark
Monument Skateboards Cover Up
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2015: Paradis Skatehall
Monument Skateboards Team Riders yvind Svensen and Roar Kolnes throw down some tricks in the Stavanger Skatehall.
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2013: Commercials
Monument Skateboards Promo 1 - The first promo video from Monument Skateboards with team riders; yvind Svensen and Roar Kolnes. Stuck inside for the winter but making the most of it.
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2016: Advertisments: Show Picture
Monument Skateboards Star Dog Ad

Go Fish:

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The Best of Skateboarding in 2016 [8/1/2017]
Here is a collection of the best of 2016 skateboarding videos.

Stemmen Skatepark Upgrades [20/7/2016]
The skatepark at stemmen got some new obstacles.

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2016: Advertisments [26/9/2016]