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The Kingdom of Norway is a country and constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe.

Also known as: Norge [bokml] / Noreg [nynorsk] / The Kingdom of Norway [offficial english]

Norwegian Skateboarding in 2016
Join us for a look at some of the ups and downs of Norwegian skateboarding in 2016.

Thomas Olsen started up Daggers Skate Co.

X Games Oslo was held, and was a hughe success that broke televison viewer records. And it gave us Skur 13. But it seems there will be No X Games skateboarding in Oslo in 2017, even if they want to arrange it.

Nyjah Huston took first place at X Games Oslo 2016.

Michael Sommer was invited to Battle of the Berrics, and made it to the finals. He was also featured in a Next New Wave video and a Trickipedia clip.

Several Norwegian skateboarders were featured on Thrashers Skateline. First out was Karl Fredrik Frli in March, Hermann Stene in September and Gard Hvaara in December.

Gary Rogers is the host of Skateline

Didrik Galasso did a Transworld Video Feature, and also had his Time Bomb part released trough Thrasher.

Marcus Vik was also featured on The Ride Channel with his full part from last year and a quick fix. The Ride Channel also featured Arena Bekkestua in a clip and Larvik Skatehall in another clip.

Marcus Vik from his Quick Fix on The Ride Channel

BBC talked to Henning Braaten, Joachim Wang and Per Olav Hetland about the ban on skateboarding in Norway.

Anders Wenngren was turned pro with Duscetti Skateboards, while Even Vatn joined the Am team.

Kevin Bkkel went on King of the Road, got lots of footage and was officially added to the Creature Skateboards team.

Kevin Bkkel welcome to the Fiend

Nike SB put out a lot of Karsten Kleppan footage, including the Karsto and Janno Split Part.

Many new full length Norwegian skate videos were released, and last years Mot Nord video got invited to several film fesivals.

Magnus Bordewick in Tigerstaden.

Jrgen Johannessen has also released a few classic Norwegian skatevideos this year, including; 0010-1295 Oslo (watch), Oslo 2 (watch) and Oslo 3 (watch).

A lot of skateparks were built all around the country, and the Skate Spot Guide grew to more than 1000 skatespots in Norway.

The Justme Websit 1000 Norwegian skatespots advertisment.

Betongpark probably built the most skateparks, but there were also others delivering skateparks in Norway in 2016.

Some of the parks built even got noticed outside our borders, such as Sknevik Skatepark that made Kingpins list of Europes Best Skate Plazas and the design of Oslo Skatehall.

There were more active Indoor Skateparks in Norway in 2016 than the year before.

The new indoor skatepark in Oslo.

Pump Tracks also seems to have been popular this year.

Looks like Norway is having a vert ramp revival, with a new vert at Notodden Skatehall and a new vert at Oslo Skatehall, as well as a vert being planned in Fredrikstad. The Hang Up and Tjme Skate Galla vert contests also seem to be drawing more and more skaters and spectators.

Tjme Skategalla 2016.

Most of Norwegian skateboard championship contests this year were held at the new New Tasta Skatepark in Stavanger, except for the vert contest that was held at Tjme Skatepark. Check out the footage and results from vert and everything else. There was also oldboys championhips held in Larvik.

NORB NM podium with Hermann Stene, Gard Hvaara and Karsten Kleppan.

The DC Shoes team visited Norway for their Special Delivery II Tour in Scandinavia.

Bernhard Invitational was continued as Session Invitational 2016. Oslo Games returned with yet another new format.

Hermann Stene Blunt Slide at Hersleb Skole during Session Invitational.

Vi Duc Truong made it to the Dew Tour Am Search 2016 finals in Barcelona.

Most other annual contests went down as usual; Grenland Games, Trikkestallen Spring Cup, Larvik Open, Koigen Open, Hst Bust and Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam. Find more results and footage from skateboard events.

Skateboarding will be included in the Olympic Games, and Norwegian skaters have divided opinions on this.

NORB, the Norwegian skateboard association, joined ISF, hired an employee, started preparing for the Olympics, joined NIF, and started the process of finding their place within Norwegian sports. But then a power struggle rose up along with ae suggestion to give funding to unorganised sports.

More skateboarders got organised, mostly to realise proper skateparks in their area.

More skateboard organisations were partisipating in the 17th May celebration.

17th May skate in Stavanger.

More skateboards were made available to lend.

DSB, the directorate for civil protection and emergency planning, proposed to repeal the regulations on skateboards in Norway.

A 49 year old man in Kristiansand was sentenced to eight months in prison for the brutal attack on a skater in Kristiansand.

A man in Arendal will stand trial after a skitching accident.

Anything forgotten? Leave a comment below.

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